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  1. I think we have the locker room to bring him in. Him and Deebo would lock up the middle.
  2. I wouldnt trade up because the more picks you have the better chance of landing a good prospect. However, TD has had success moving up and Quinn & staff really know how to develop players while putting them in positions to succeed. All we can do is trust the process.
  3. We can't invest anymore money in our back field. Trufant Alford and Collins can get the job done. We need a pass rusher so Beasley isn't focused on every play.
  4. I think it's the fact we have 3 good qbs in our divison that we need to pressure consistently.
  5. If we pay him 13 million a year, he better not drop any more interceptions.
  6. Keep stacking up on defense. We're going to need it as Ryan starts to get up there in age.
  7. Throughout Ryan's career we've taken baby steps to win a championship. All those years of one and done, a collapse in the NFC championship, and our meltdown in the SUPERBOWL. Well, time for us to take one last step and get a ring.
  8. Sounds like we are going to have Quinn's twin running the offense.
  9. TE is one of the hardest jobs to learn coming in as a rookie. You need to learn routes and blocking schemes at the same time. I think Austin will be a impact player for us and Toilolo was our most explosive player
  10. Well teams started game planning for him more with chips and double teams. His presence alone opens up are other guys to get pressure.
  11. It seems like every year we add someone to the team whose a hot name on the market like Alex Mack. I do love our team building philosophy of building through the draft and feeling holes/building depth through FA.
  12. DE DT G FS in that order of importance for me personally
  13. OC saying all the right things. We might not skip a beat next year considering who are qb is.
  14. Right. The lazy sports media will be relentless until that clock hit zero and we win a Super Bowl.
  15. Winning cures everything