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  1. Eddie Jackson is definitely my pick for safety either him or Justin Evans.
  2. What he said.
  3. That's why I love this move,being a valuable backup lb and a quality special teamer on top of his leadership.
  4. Now I just saw that the Bills also signed Mike Tolbert,I wonder what they plan on doing with the two of them.
  5. How about drafting James Connor and plug him in at FB.
  6. It's not just McShay almost every analyst on nfl network/nfl.com has mocked a cb to us at some point,it's like the don't pay attention to a teams roster.
  7. Takk Mckinley Derek Barnett Caleb Brantley Taco Charlton Forrest Lamp I could switch out either Barnett or Charlton for DeMarcus Walker but I'll leave it as is.
  8. So far I'm loving his combine workout,I have to look at more tape on him but I like the possibility of double dipping at DE(considering we draft a DE in the first two rounds)and adding him for depth in maybe the 4th or 5th round.
  9. Patrick Mahomes,I really feel like he will get picked before one of the top 3 QBs.
  10. I wouldn't be mad if it went down like this plus I love the Chad Kelly pick,he would be my choice at back up QB if they choose to draft one.
  11. Add the Lombardi Trophy,Super Bowl LI logo and the Falcons Super Bowl ring to the Falcons tattoo I already have.
  12. Solomon Thomas is my favorite prospect this year so I'm loving that pick as far as everything else I wouldn't be opposed to it happening that way especially the Fabian Moreau pick.
  13. I think he could be,I like him as a backup plan if we dont go with Solomon Thomas you can't go wrong with either choice they're both perfect picks for this team.
  14. Very talented player, can play CB,S and LB and depending on where we're picking I would love to add him at FS in the first then pick up a CB later in the draft maybe second round,now just imagine the secondary with him,Tru,Keanu and either a free agency signing or draft pick at the other outside corner spot that'll definitely help out the defense.
  15. Yea his contract is up which should make him a top priority or a franchise tag candidate,and if we were to draft Matt's replacement I don't think that would happen for another 2-4 years.