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  1. Campbell to SLB maybe?
  2. I don't see John Fox staying in CHI for much longer.
  3. Is there any war room footage of this??????? Good job Foster. Isn't he an actual falcons fan?
  4. Takk is a good, passionate, and prideful guy. He just lost his shyt for a few minutes because all of his pain and hard work culminated into a dream that has been achieved.
  5. The Saints already had Armstead and Peat as young OTs. How does Ramczyk fit into the equation?
  6. Probably won't hear anything else from Freeney until around training camp time.
  7. Line him up behind a center and let Takk get him.
  8. I hope Takk is Jon Randle type crazy. That would be fun to watch
  9. Looks like Ed is working solo now.
  10. Quinn wants a potential premier pass rusher to pair with Beasley Getting one will put this defense on a level that will be very scary.
  11. I think the hype around Peppers is that people are believing that he will become a playmaker in the NFL with a more defined role.
  12. The biggest problem with Peppers is that he never had a defined role at Michigan. That is why Peppers should go to a team that has a good defensive mind at the helm and figures out how to use him. I'm not exactly saying the Falcons, but I trust Quinn if he goes the route.
  13. This is not the only mock that has the Falcons going CB. I think Daniel Jeremiah has them going CB as well. Why is drafting a CB so common at the Falcons pick? It just seems lazy to think that Quinn only thinks about only having an embarrassment of riches at CB just because he is from Seattle under Carroll
  14. The Niners need an edge rusher badly. I know they need a QB but it would be stupid to pass on Garrett.