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  1. Probably, just a fan of Kayoh.
  2. AP

    Not the Panthers. Also I would rather bring in Jamal before I would bring in AP.
  3. Well, he's looked good so far. Hope, he keeps it up.
  4. So where are the best places to watch games? I'm not from GA area either.
  5. Also where did you find this information?
  6. He's my hero now. We can take him with our first pick and I won't be upset after I throw everything in my house. Also a little curious if he reads this part of the board or if someone directed his attention to it.
  7. Kpassagnon for me.
  8. Josh Norris‏Verified account @JoshNorris 3h3 hours ago More Dismiss Per @TonyPauline Portland State CB Xavier Coleman will visit the Seahakws and C Cam Keizur will visit the Falcons …
  9. What is your opinion on Rivers? Because we worked him out too.
  10. We also had a private workout with River
  11. Nah they don't even discuss that. They pretty much think he is terrible and nothing compared to the 2013 Poe.
  12. After reading the Chiefs boards, they do not miss him at all. Which is somewhat surprising.
  13. I liked McKinley, but his combine numbers were terrible. He also doesn't have a lot of pass rush moves.