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  1. Meh seems like more a Smitty regime-type draft than Quinn. Players that can all be useful but don't really move the meter either way.
  2. If this were the group of guys we added to our defense from this draft there isn't an offense in the league we should fear But man oh man Reddick, Mayes and Conner are reaches to be there with those selections but hey you never know well done
  3. Don't think he packs quite the punch Westbrook had but yeah he fits that mold
  4. Like that you went safety first - just the wrong player. Baker is too light to play single high for us. Howard Wilson is a fantastic prospect at CB. The Wilsons (Quincy and Howard) killed it. A team could literally fill out their entire starting secondary in this one draft alone; we have to take advantage.
  5. C-mac (not sure if anyone really calls him that) is a more refined and polished version of Reggie Bush and even tougher than Reggie ever was. I absolutely fell in love with this kid watching Stanford in the 2015 Rose Bowl(?) and made it a point to check him out for 2016. I knew the Falcons (or any team) would be lucky to have him, and his all-world performance at the Combine only solidified that sentiment. This kid is an amazing talent that combines superb ability with technique. All those praises aside, I'm not willing to ditch Free nor Cole for him, and we just don't have the room in the backfield to justify the first round pick it would take to land him even if you take into the additional touches he'd receive in returns and as a receiver Sadly, the Taints seem primed to take one or both of my favorite players from this draft: Reuben Foster and/or C-mac.
  6. ^^ This I cringe whenever I see Adoree' Jackson mocked to us. Fantastic player but he just doesn't fit the Quinn mold of cornerbacks. Even Poole is getting bumped in nickel to cross train at safety and it's not like Jackson is even a burner, with only modest speed for a DB (4.42). I agree only way I see it is if we view him as high safety in our scheme and really value his return ability, but Devin Fuller also returns to compete in that role and should Jackson fail to beat out both or either of Allen for safety or Fuller, this pick would be a fail as players capable of making a more significant and immediate impact are sure to be had in the early rounds of this draft.
  7. +1 Any combination of the above improves our roster by leaps and bounds, and we already have a Super Bowl caliber roster as currently constructed. My preferred combo from options above would be Obi and Tanoh. Just the name synergy alone coming from the same draft class would help them forge a bond similar to Neal and Debo this past season; and with the way we've seen young players with the desired C/T grade develop in this system (Poole, Rico, Hageman, Collins, Grady, Campbell - and even more talented players like Vic, Neal and Debo) these athletic additions take our schemes and play to another level. Obi plus any of those guys in the second would be fantastic. Evan Engram has to garner strong consideration if he's there for us as well, even should he last till our first pick. He would be an instant upgrade to the offense: an explosive threat down the seam that teams will have to respect, athough I feel strongly another offseason with Matt will allow Hooper to blossom a bit more. Hooper can play and has more than enough athleticism for the position even if he isn't the fastest.
  8. I think what's missing here from Mayock's take is that while Adams and others may currently be better safeties than Peppers - due mostly to familiarity - all of Peppers' positive attributes combined help project him as a better overall prospect at the position.
  9. Everything about this guy's game film just screams LT to me - not saying he will ever become the pass rusher LT was - but this guy has the size and build and arrives to the ball just as quickly and intent just as violently. Scouts will be interested to see how the film translates to his individual workouts; if the numbers prove he's as fast and explosive as advertised. Most draft risers experience the opposite effect, there workout numbers belie perhaps underwhelming game film, i.e., Jordan Willis. Foster will be at a disadvantage some that he was dismissed from the Combine and will have only his pro day to showcase in front of most observers, not counting private workout requests. Perhaps that alone could slide him down draft boards should he perform poorly. That said I fully expect his workout measurables to keep him out of our range but you never know. NFL.com has a mock draft up with Tim Williams projected in the fourth when quite a few posters have projected him to us in as high as the first. So who really knows? Only thing certain is there is plenty of great talent in this draft that all teams are sure to improve.
  10. Pipe dream I know but there isn't a player in this draft I would want more than Reuben Foster
  11. I think Dan has made it clear they'll switch back and forth between nose and 3Tech so as to feature both players' ability to penetrate gaps and get after the QB, but yes, to your point, it will be great!
  12. This is the most anticipated draft for me since 2011 when somehow, some way I knew we would come away with either A.J. Green or Julio to pair with Roddy White. I see this era of complete and utter dominance coming from our Birds and I am enjoying every moment watching us lay the foundation. This draft is the key. It'll be the third one for this current regime and if they hit as well as they have in the first two, we may see an unprecedented run of NFL dominance, folks.
  13. My bet would be the Packers. A prime time rematch of last years NFC Championship, featuring two of the league's premier quarterbacks in the grand opening of a state of the art stadium would be a big ratings draw. Not to mention that could be coming off the heels of a SB rematch the previous week to open the season as a remote possibility.
  14. Fair enough but you're in enemy territory, you have to expect some of that. You're on here enough to see how most of us are still finding ways to cope with that loss, and excitement over Poe's signing only helps us deal - although it's quite genuine. Especially for those of us who took part in his ATL arrival watch party and agonized each day waiting for word of who he decided to sign with. So ease up, will ya!