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  1. I saw Watson get into it with a high school coach this past summer because he was openly recruiting kids to Grayson during a 7v7 tournament. Pretty entertaining stuff.
  2. He flew in to visit the 2019 TE they have.
  3. From who?
  4. Poor UF. Missing out on Locksley.
  5. Can't wait for him to say his enemies put out these rumors.
  6. Not a chance.
  7. Oops, I was thinking of Choates.
  8. More realistic than us pulling the number one players from the states you listed. And so far AU has been nonexistent in our state this year.
  9. In college I would have taken Richardson over Ingram. And to me he was one of the worst Heisman winners in recent history. But I get what you're saying.
  10. Thanks. I was thinking about Richt and how he got fired. It makes sense now.
  11. Cedar Grove is stacked every year. Why on earth would you burn that bridge?
  12. Can someone explain the point on coaches missing?
  13. Not to be a jerk, but there's already a thread titled "Is this the new norm" on this subject. You may get more discussion in that thread.
  14. Then why play the games at all from their standpoint.
  15. It's a numbers game.