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  1. Also BTW, I love the way you phrased this. "He knows alittle, no, A LOT about what he writes. He understands many of the words he uses and even some of the abstract concepts those words describe!"
  2. BTW, if it's Dinesh D'Souza, just say it's Dinesh D'Souza, it's not like I'm sitting here wondering what Camus was on about when he said that.
  3. So you and famous literary writer agree on the same principle the students used to run off a professor? That being that force is justified if one decides a moral obligation to use force exists.
  4. You didn't say ****, you needed to quote someone to make a coherent argument. As far as quoting an argument goes, that's clearly what it suggests in saying that one culture imposed its values on another for the better.
  5. You argued that one group of people can decide that it has a moral obligation to dominate another group of people. This is what you wanted.
  6. Twitter Ads info & Privacy Weinstein is certainly no conservative ideologue. He has contributed to the Common Dreams, a progressive website. In December 2011, he wrote an article in favor of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The professor’s brother, Eric Weinstein, also defended his sibling’s left-of-center credential in a series of Twitter posts, and attacked the protesters that are calling for his firing. Twitter Ads info & Privacy Twitter Ads info & Privacy View image on Twitter Other prominent Twitter users also came to Weinstein’s defense and ripped the student protesters. Follow Looks like they're taking the first baby step towards following your advice.
  7. Just got caught up again. Wonderful. That bar scene was the closest I've seen a live action show get to the bar scene in Moral Orel.
  8. Our society feeds everyone every day the idea that you should want wealth and you have the ability to rise to obtain it, but we blame black people, specifically the young black male, for wanting their own version of success because it's frequently packaged with views on how to obtain and display wealth whose fictionalization young white people consume but that mainstream America doesn't see as legitimate. Everyone has a version of success they imagine with what they see, but when black men see other black men in media or politics, they're usually depicted, rather than as complex human beings who have spent a lifetime navigating an interior world and a public life, as either embracing or defying the kind of deviance associated with American black men with money. The expectation presented to the audience is implicit but clear as a bell: pick one. And we're not supposed to have any sympathy for those that choose deviance, even if they choose that when they're young and lose every opportunity to build something substantial for themselves or the next generation as a result.
  9. Personally, I voted for Hillary because I thought it was the progressive revolution most of America desperately wants and needs. Imagine my disappointment when I found out on election night that that wasn't going to happen.
  10. If you were rich, why would you get married unless you thought it was real? That seems like the absolute worst thing you could do.
  11. Finally, something snak and "Islamists" can agree on.
  12. "I don't care that the only people who listen to me are the people who will never agree with me! I have truth to spread!"
  13. I hope mdrake names it Roy, and tells it that its destiny is to get the high score.
  14. snak talks like the propaganda videos in starship troopers.