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  1. And you wouldn't know Sartre from Judd Apatow, which speaks to my point.
  2. Not really about the fantasy lives of women
  3. I've been told lots of times that philosophies that don't pin meaning to objective existence and rely on human beings to create and define meaning as it exists among our species are essentially nihilistic or evil or fundamentally incapable of morality or some other ****. We have to fight the tendency to create caricatures against which to establish the superiority of our worldviews, and of course the best way to do that is to risk seeing other points of view from human beings and articles of culture that articulate what we don't understand about that perspective. I try to live up to that every day.
  4. So then you understand why men in sitcoms are portrayed as idiots. The fantasy is that a man with no redeemable qualities except romantic love of his wife can be married to the hottest woman he's ever met, because in the real world people (including women) have reasons for wanting to be in a relationship, and people who think things like "I'd have any woman I want if I was rich" can inhabit the fantasy that all it takes is a willingness to endure an attractive woman's disapproval when he does something stupid.
  5. Fat idiots that hot women want to spend the rest of their lives with.
  6. It might take more than ten whole seconds to find out if Evelyn Farkas actually said that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, so I'm probably just going to go on snak's track record.
  7. Nah
  8. What they need to do is make it so the ISP's can cut off your internet if they detect you're using a VPN. That's how you really maximize the value of the data.
  9. It'd be a good year to draft a mid-round quarterback.
  10. I want a pass rusher, a free safety. a tight end, and a linebacker, but I still think we're going to regret the **** out of it if we go into next season thinking the offensive line will hold up as well as it did last season. I think we need a RG, and we need to know that we have reserves at tackle, guard, and center that can play.
  11. I mean, chances are some actual **** happened to some of these people to get them to this point. No one's doing this because they had such a positive relationship with their dad. But this is just the worst.
  12. "No one wants to **** me and I'm trying to convince myself that it's because they're not worthy."
  13. FTR I'm also a little skeptical about where Fargo can go in season 3, but I trust Noah Hawley as a showrunner almost as much as I trust Gilligan and Gould. I never really trusted Piz and I think the ending of both seasons of TD show a writer that needs to figure out what he actually thinks about redemption in an amoral world instead of ending eight hours of grimdark exposition with five minutes of good finding a way to fight evil. I mean, I'd still give season 3 a shot because I'm a consumer of content, but I think the writing has always been deeply flawed.
  14. I'm worried that HBO might have taken the wrong lesson from last season. I thought season 1 of Fargo was head and shoulders above season 1 of True Detective.
  15. I think washing our hands of interventionism in these cases and pretending that in itself justifies rejecting our responsibility to the people we've killed and displaced doesn't end terrorism, if anything it makes terrorism as a recruiting tactic more important. Eventually we'll get another big one with casualties in the hundreds or thousands, and we'll have already established the moral imperative (their culture is violent and hates us for our freedom) to start it all over again. Of course that's assuming Trump actually cares about drastically changing our foreign policy, which, again, him saying he was against the war in Iraq and then saying we should have stolen all the oil in Iraq so it couldn't fund ISIS doesn't suggest being against the war to begin with was any kinda moral stance against unnecessary conflict.