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  1. Huh. And here I thought it was because all the heads of media got together in a dark boardroom with a single light over the roundtable and decided to normalize identity politics and radical Islamic terrorism.
  2. I haven't been this uncomfortable about laughing my *** off since Brazzers.
  3. Well I for one support his drive to win the War on Drugs once and for all. Once America is cured of drug addiction and related crime forever and ever, everything else will be within reach.
  4. Must be the zeitgeist.
  5. He's sure put a lot of effort into making it seem like everything he does is a struggle against overwhelming opposition.
  6. I just got caught up, rewatched part of last season but couldn't wait. I think Chuck internalized the responsibility put upon him as part of his identity to the point that he'll never see past his resentment for Jimmy. Jimmy's always been a burden in Chuck's eyes, and Chuck values his own suffering and rules and responsibility so much that any way to punish Jimmy for not valuing those things that falls within the law is Chuck's Mission in Life. Of course, Jimmy doesn't value suffering and responsibility because Chuck was always hogging the cross, lecturing and correcting and making Jimmy feel as guilty as possible for every mistake. He made Jimmy idolize him and see his profession as a way of affecting one's will on the world, and he made Jimmy feel so small that Jimmy desperately wanted to have that power, and when he becomes a lawyer, of course Chuck dismissed it because Jimmy isn't "worthy" of Chuck's profession. That's what put Jimmy on the path to Saul Goodman. This is some Cain and Abel ****.
  7. I certainly prefer Big Lebowski memes to advice animal ripoffs.
  8. I bet he tells people in thegatewaypundit comment sections about this ******* Trout.
  9. Darth, you're bad at arguing. It seems like we go in circles on the issue of objective morality because every argument you've made on the subject is some variation of "but you have to believe what I believe because what I believe says my belief is real the way what everyone else believes isn't." Meanwhile you can't hold a conversation about anything that won't necessarily confirm your beliefs without steering it back in that direction. And when anyone points out the contradiction, you try to go "I know you are but what am I" on them. You couldn't sell this argument to someone that doesn't already believe it if you wrapped it in bills and rolled it in blow.
  10. Ever since then it's just been an endless **** parade.
  11. He's had a bee in his bonnet ever since I asked what heaven's like given that human consciousness isn't compatible with immortality.
  12. You minus whale be saying I'm not a "real" Falcon fan because I don't buy merchandise every year.
  13. I think choosing not to consider the possibility that some human activity is done entirely for its own sake is a choice made to deny inconvenient parts of human nature rather than acquire a more universal perspective on our existence. I don't trust the total rejection of that possibility and I trust an inability or unwillingness to consider it, like your avoidance of this question, even less. Certainly I could never trust your understanding of objective morality given how scary you get talking about what supposedly governs your whole life beyond what it says about the most universal human atrocities. Your arguing for it just reminds me of why people want to believe in it in spite of what they actually experience and do in this life. Of course you don't have to agree with that, but you are on a football message board for a team that's important enough to you to make a show of throwing off your fandom in a moment of frustration. You can say none of this is actually important, of course, but then you're just like everyone that decides what's important to suit their argument. I guess you can conceivably argue that "this" matters - the performance of your identity as a Christian rather than as a Falcon fan - but from where I'm sitting it seems like the performance of both of these identities has more to do with servicing your sense of self than the infinite creator of the universe.
  14. But is it objectively meaningful that you do so?
  15. Coming from someone that can't even answer why he posts on a football message board, I wouldn't want anything closer to an endorsement.