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  1. Wow that's different. We usually face like 97 teams coming off their bye every year
  2. This discussion is an annual tradition
  3. Did I just go back in time? Where'd all these old schoolers come from
  4. Let's just hope for those kids he won't be doubling as an English teacher
  5. A guard playing between Schraeder and mack doesn't have to be a great one. Chester was pretty bad last year and we did ok I'd say. We could use a 2nd or 3rd in the draft and bring in some competition and I'm sure we'd end up with someone atleast average starting
  6. This just in.. no home games this year
  7. I feel like we should have gotten a slight discount for his baby hands. Maybe we did, I don't know.
  8. The nefarious brother Nero approves
  9. I was born in Georgia but lived out of state most of my life. I have no clue if I'd still be a Falcon Fan if they moved. I naturally pull for all georgia teams , but I don't have any real reason for it. Falcons are the only one though that I'm emotionally invested with so I have no clue
  10. I met this guy last year. Well, I say met bUT he was a total db. I said hello and asked for a picture... and he just walks off like I wasn't even there.
  11. Too soon
  12. Christ will these threads ever stop lol. Let me forget
  13. You mean if, and it's a huge if
  14. Dled is outside of the restaurant right now waiting for poe to show
  15. We're heating up