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  1. I met this guy last year. Well, I say met bUT he was a total db. I said hello and asked for a picture... and he just walks off like I wasn't even there.
  2. Christ will these threads ever stop lol. Let me forget
  3. You mean if, and it's a huge if
  4. Dled is outside of the restaurant right now waiting for poe to show
  5. We're heating up
  6. TD is going to give him top lt money no matter what.
  7. I'm not saying it's the end of the world but looking back over the past several seasons when we failed to address our major needs with quality players, it showed during the season. Not to say that haven't tried.. who knows, maybe the money isn't right for the type of player they need.. but we really needed to land a good guard or strengthen up the dline which is pitiful. There's only so much we can do in the draft So most likely we'll end up signing cast offs and hope for the best. That typically doesn't work.
  8. Dejavu
  9. Falcons gonna wait and do some midnight shopping this Sunday
  10. Aw man, gonna miss him. One of my favorites even though he sucked. Was thinking about the titans game I went to last year. Not a single falcon on the sideline was giving a **** about the game. Long and stone had their backs turned chit chatting the whole time... but worrilow was facing the crowd trying to get all the Falcon fans on their feet and a defense chant got going. Love that dude
  11. Didn't pat kind of suck at pass blocking? Maybe they wanted to bring in some competition with the possibility of cutting him anyways.
  12. Yea probably.. and with only having a top 5 run game, we needed a new direction
  13. This efin team man. Jesus Pete Christ