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  1. If you didn't get DLed fired you failed TAFT and yourself.
  2. (Looks at KRUNKuno's avatar): Seems legit
  3. Holy crap Deangelo Hall has played way longer than I would have ever imagined.
  4. I think if Sark has success here, he still would jump at the first Division 1 HC position. We need to develop nobodies like the Pat's do to keep our guys longer.
  5. If Jarrod Davis is the pick, we better have Deion drop 15 lbs and play him at free safety lol.
  6. Is enightening the opposite of enlightening?
  7. Having hateful people like you suffer almost makes the agony of losing this way worth it.
  8. Patriots used to get raided. After Mangini, Weis, Crennel, McDaniels failed at HC, people began to become skeptical of these guys being successful away from Belichick. The stigma of "system coach", along with "system player" helps you keep your own guys. Even with that, Matt Patricia and Josh Mcdaniels remain at the top of people's lists for new head coaches.
  9. If it's Amazon, can't go wrong with Hannibal. Trust me.