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  1. hiv sop dap?
  2. That feeling when your starting middle linebacker would be a badass free safety. If Reddick falls, maybe you go ahead and make the switch lol.
  3. Chuck is a nickname for Richard?
  4. " Yes. YES! I feel your anger...It makes you STRONG!"
  5. Solomon Thomas is a more athletic Michael Bennett in the 4-3. And I noticed you don't have Willis in a 4-3.
  6. One of the ugliest spidercharts I've seen for a 1st rounder. How does a guy who looks so good test so poorly? He is the Anti-Beasley
  7. Who can we point to as a Cox success story? Vic fell over himself talking about Freeney, not his position coach. We alsk Dwight take Hageman aside a time or two, and even Reed raved about the man's insight.
  8. Getting a power runner who can fall foreward for 2-3 yards a clip is more critical for those situations than a 1st round guard. Our guys just need to get healthy.
  9. Willis chat has infected every thread that even mentions pass rush lol.
  10. Allen would upgrade our defense, Hooker would transform it.
  11. I like the dude, but only if he falls to us at 31. If he's gone, I say we move back.