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  1. Lies. I doubt this is your last mock of the month even.
  2. Quinn brought in two high caliber D-line coaches to bring along whoever we pick for RE/leo. Might as well get a freak athlete to begin with.
  3. Not with TV stagnating like it has
  4. Pair either him or Jordan Willis with Vic and its #teamlightskinned for real lol
  5. Negative. His salinity has likely increased by 500 percent.
  6. Somebody go check on Freeman
  7. Johnson was selected after Coleman, not Free.
  8. As soon as I saw his results I thought "his ceiling is Chandler Jones" Then I looked up Chandler Jone's spider chart and Hall had a 90 percent overlap with him. I'm all for it fellas. Bring Him Home Day One TD
  9. Freeney also needs to slim down. Whether muscle or fat, at his age he needs to lose mass to regain some of his twitch as a pass rusher. As a situational guy, what that would do to our run defense is outweighed by what we would gain against the pass.
  10. I don't trust no big-a$s man after he has back surgery.
  11. If we are gung-ho on being dumbf*cks.....why not just trade our next two drafts for Myles Garrett?
  12. Best part was where we didn't get a LEO and drafted Joe Mixon. Double-down and get Greg Hardy brah. We want guys who can really hit.
  13. Cool. We could afford Matt Julio Tru Von and literally nobody else. Maybe us fans could get out there on the field for a few series. Sign me up.