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  1. So you not only are saying Quinn and TD have bad judgement with the most important position in football, you are also saying the rest of our guys aren't even good enough to drag our backup QB to a single win? Way to have faith in our roster. Funny how with the draft and free agency, it's "TD and Quinn know more than you" but when it comes to Schaub, and Schaub alone the messageboard is suddenly the expert in the equation. Saying that retaining Schaub was the smart play for this season, and saying we need to draft a backup ASAP are not mutually exclusive ideas. I agree with both.
  2. I hate to disagree with you, but I saw a guy making too many mental errors, not a guy who suddenly can't throw a football. If that were the case I don't think he would have stayed last season, much less be extended. Im gonna have to trust Quinn over the AFMB gurus on this one.
  3. Was Joey a multi-year veteran of a complex/record-breaking offense that just took our team to the Superbowl?
  4. Matt Ryan is smarter than any of the QBs listed and it still took him a season of sub-par football to understand the offense. These guys you are talking about aren't in our system and would need time to adjust without actual starter snaps to develop. With the talent we have amassed these past two years, we are in a clear championship window and have no room for introducing guys into our offense. We paid him to avoid that potential difficult transition, we paid him extra because Kyle Shannahan would have taken him in a second. It was a good strategic move to create a measure of stability at the most important position in football.
  5. ANY backup QB is unlikely to stop that, unless they have some fundamental pieces like a strong running game and an opportunistic defense. Oh yeah, we have both of those.... Schaub was a good QB when he had Kyle as an O.C in Houston., while no longer here we retain the system he once excelled in. Being in the classroom every day with Ryan can only have had a positive impact on his football acumen, I'm pretty sure I heard he's been mimicking some of the training elements MR2 brought home from 3DQB. Or you really think that we have a worse shot at winning games with a has-been like Schaub, than a never-was like Simms?
  6. Disagree. We still need somebody well versed in this offense/personel should Matt go down, he would have been a 49er(possibly a starter) in an instant. I think we should draft a developmental QB2 next year and see if Schaub is interested in coaching in 2019.
  7. Hageman is the starter? Brooks Reed is a starter over Clay? Takk is 265 lbs? Where is all this coming from?
  8. There was something masochistic about premise of the whole trip. It's almost like they felt he owed the sports world a good explanation for the worst moment of his professional career. He plowed through it like a champ though. It's like how a female co-star once described Idris Elba; "He's such a f%cking DUDE" It's no wonder our guys would run through walls for him.
  9. They got sarcasm in China?
  10. This summit would have nothing to do with the NFL officially. Takk can basically go anywhere but Flowery Branch. How much he could participate would fall to his progress after surgery.
  11. Surprised those hosses in Oakland didn't make the list. Poor RB group?
  12. The fact that I read this as tit-bits makes me miss Emmitt.
  13. This thread gave me cancer Happy now OP?
  14. Pretty impressive for a career two gap NT. Also, Aaron Donald is a freak.
  15. Dock him half a million for breaking Mack's leg, and another for missing that block in the Superbowl I keed....I keed