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  1. Musk's full vision according to the article (generating electricity to not only power your home but also your car) does make the solar roof more viable. The average American spent $1400 on gas last year. Multiply that number by the number of cars in your household - if you were to eliminate that expense the cost of the solar roof pays for itself much more quickly. Of course buying the Tesla or some other electric car is another matter.
  2. Amateur hour.
  3. My "friend" has always been the type to go through these weird, all consuming phases for a year or so, where he's ALL ABOUT whatever it is ... before moving onto the next thing. Also always was a very black and white thinker. Unfortunately he's decided this year to be the biggest Trump troll he can be, both online and IRL. I quit Facebook about 6 years ago, but got back on 3 months ago to find someone I'd lost touch with, and was horrified to find that this person has basically devoted his feed to posting about 10 offensive, racist, and ridiculous memes a day from these troll pages. I've watched as his friend count has dwindled, and literally no one responds. But I've been in touch by text, culminating in 2 solid hours of back and forth yesterday, and the guy's just off his rocker. There is no discussion or debate. No objective look at reality. As I said, all Trump's past comments are irrelevant. Pointing out his lack of successes and unforced errors is always met with "stop watching fake news" and "wake up." So you can't talk sense to someone like that. And unfortunately, he's found his online echo chamber, and there are lots of folks like this out there. I just looked at his Facebook page and it said "caught up with an old friend yesterday and he's turned into a libtard." LOL
  4. Has Bob been back since starting this thread? Or off the Trump train?
  5. I unfortunately have a Trump troll in my life. Old friend from college. Today it reached a point where I might actually have to cut the dude off. Every time I bring up Trump's past comments to this guy, he says they're irrelevant. Believe it or not, this person is pretty intelligent. It's maddening.
  6. Absolutely. And as it pertains to this class, the gut punch we've clearly yet to recover from was missing Lawrence. And we missed Lawrence primarily because Chaney is our OC.
  7. Problem is, a lot of big names are already off the board. Its not even May, and look at the top 10. Not that we're a player for all those guys (but we should have been for some), but you get the point. This year is weird in a few ways.
  8. I can't think of a year where this many Georgia kids seemed determined to leave the state. I mean, it happens every year with a few top guys, but this is nuts.
  9. Someone's head needs to roll.
  10. I didn't think it was possible, but the addition of Milch could make season 3 even more terrible than season 2.
  11. I'll tune in. The thing about Maddow that annoys me is that I could safely tune in at 9:15 and she'll still be teasing the d@mn taxes. Her opening monologues are the worst.
  12. Apparently they're from 2004. Yay!!
  13. Maddow about to have the biggest ratings of her career. Almost enough to get me to tune in.
  14. Too early to start worrying about this 2018 class? With 5 of the top 10 in state already committed, all to other schools, and several others of the remaining 5 leaning elsewhere, Kirby and co are going to have to really do some work if they want another top class.
  15. While so apparent Ole Miss had begun cheating shortly after Freeze took over (and now it looks like they took cheating to a new level), I never thought they'd actually get caught. Almost makes losing Tunsil and Nkimdiche worth it. His cavalier and holier-than-thou stance on the situation throughout the years, as best depicted by that now infamous tweet he sent shortly after signing a bunch of 5 stars to Ole Miss of all places, was the most hypocritical part about him and makes his fall especially satisfying. Good riddance.