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  1. Yeah but that still wasnt the op's point... At least the way I read it. His point was a team doesn't have to go into the tank after losing a title. Fans have nothing to do with the process. Of course they can brush it off and say "we got one no big deal" but the dudes in the arena, the competitors they don't rest on one title when they know they should have two.
  2. What does Golden State having a ring have to do with the OP's point? Golden State collapsed in a heartbreaking manner with the title on the line and have come back this season on a mission.
  3. You could argue that going up 3-1 on a team and losing the series is the equivalent of blowing a big lead in a one-and-done scenerio.
  4. Talking to a team about a coaching position that isn't open is frowned on in the profession. I'm pretty certain it does happen but both Gus and Quinn are stand-up guys.
  5. Wrong thread.
  6. He was supposed to sign with Miami so he could get back at the Bills and instead wound up losing his starting job. I don't think he wants to play football anymore.
  7. They played some zone too. I don't have the numbers it was by far a man game but they mixed in some cover-3 snaps. They actually threw Brady off a few times when they did it early in the game. I saw it less and less late in the game but I remember picking up on it every time they did but instead of throwing to the flats Brady attacked the hook/curl area. I can't bring myself to go back and look at it yet but I know there were a couple of snaps of cover-3 on that last drive at the end of regulation.
  8. Probably because down the back end of the season they went mainly to Cover-1, which worked but something I was a little worried about because 3 has always been Quinn's bread and butter. It's good coaching being able to adjust like that to your players and not force your scheme down their throats but it can also be interpreted that some of the teaching was lacking. Which is another reason I'm not sad to see Richard Smith gone, even though I'm sure it wasn't all on him.
  9. I'd be all over Sen'Derrick Marks if he becomes available.
  10. PeytonMannings Forehead's xs and os - Every Link to Every Thread Let's Talk About: What Cover-3 Looks Like When It's Done Right
  11. I actually did a whole thread on it a few months back. I'll see if I can find it in a bit. And pattern matching is like everything else in football, everyone puts their own spin on it. Everyone has their own rules. Just like playing cover 1 vs. bunch. Saban believes in pressing the #2 receiver, Seattle and Carroll traditionally plays off.
  12. That's exactly what Quinn and Carroll's pattern matching does. In fact every team in the NFL and most top colleges pattern match out of their zones. This isn't something that was invented by Saban or Belichick. spot dropping died a long time ago.
  13. Sabans rip/liz and mable match concepts are pretty much identical to what Carroll and Seattle's scheme is built on. Sounds like you may be conflating pattern match principles with trap coverages which are slightly different.
  14. I think you'll like the second season. The first two seasons were must-watch for me. Don't want to spoil anything for you, so I won't get into too much detail on where I think it faltered, but like I said, IMO, the whole procedural criminal-of-the-week aspect has kind of run it's course for me. I enjoy a lot more the interplay between the main characters and the storylines that are more serialzed. The characters have wound up pretty well-developed.
  15. Loved the first two seasons. Great premise. Great tension. Kind of fell off after that. They re-tooled and got some juice back into it last season I thought but It's gotten kind of repetitive.