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  1. Was just about to post this. I respect Stephen White but he was very detailed last year in breaking down why Bosa didn't have the skill set to beat NFL tackles and was pretty confident he would be a guy that wouldn't be able to get you double digit sacks.
  2. The New England Patriots took a pass on him. They took a pass on AP despite the fact that they didn't re-sign Blount. That's telling.
  3. I love it. Love the flexibility you have with Poe and the different fronts you can use him in. He can literally be the centerpiece of any front you can think of. And it's the most annoying thing in the world for an offensive playcaller if his offensive line can't get any interior movement for the running game.
  4. Carroll and Schneider are very particular about their corners. They'll give here and there at other positions, but at corner, they won't touch a guy under 6 feet tall. Poole is 5'10".
  5. I agree and I think there were other factors that contributed to the Super Bowl hangover of some other teams that the Falcons just don't have.
  6. I thought there were no parallels between the Falcons and those other collapses.... at least according to the "logic" of some folks around here.
  7. Yeah but that still wasnt the op's point... At least the way I read it. His point was a team doesn't have to go into the tank after losing a title. Fans have nothing to do with the process. Of course they can brush it off and say "we got one no big deal" but the dudes in the arena, the competitors they don't rest on one title when they know they should have two.
  8. What does Golden State having a ring have to do with the OP's point? Golden State collapsed in a heartbreaking manner with the title on the line and have come back this season on a mission.
  9. You could argue that going up 3-1 on a team and losing the series is the equivalent of blowing a big lead in a one-and-done scenerio.
  10. Talking to a team about a coaching position that isn't open is frowned on in the profession. I'm pretty certain it does happen but both Gus and Quinn are stand-up guys.
  11. Wrong thread.