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  1. Used to run wild dog w Sony and mckenzie as the option. Like see that type thing more.
  2. So he will miss two games?
  3. If he can't be a ot- I'd like to see him at nt
  4. Well I haven't been impressed w rocker- a solid sec team facing 3rd and 1 shouldn't be able to run up the gut for 2-3 yds as we saw all year. I'd like to see a Lil more push from a dl and coach- on obvious short yardage run downs u should own them!!!! And we haven't in a while so I'm excited about any change- like see more blitzing, and looking fwd to Chaney having. A stroak sooner than later
  5. Uncomfortably razor thin if brice left
  6. Is Beal not a stud pass rushing olb?
  7. Don't understand why we didn't or don't take Murchison, but we took stokes if we knew brini and speed were ours?
  8. Like to add Murchison
  9. If murch was delayed wouldn't we go after him? Seem be backup? Hopefully
  10. Thought Bryant was almost a certain? And no one thinks we get jameyst anymore?
  11. Hoping the last is JW.
  12. Are we actually recruiting Robinson? .