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  1. Last year the fastest MPH during a game that i recall were JJ, David Johnson, and THill.
  2. Only acceptable option is a dance off.
  3. One thing for sure. I won't doubt a guys motor when his first words to Falcons fans was "GET TO THE QUARTERBACK"
  4. Our D could very well carry our team back to the SB this year.
  5. This will be the biggest issue on whether we make it back to the SB.
  6. "I tell you what. This Peter Worrilew is a guy. Not that fast but he brings it." -Chuckie
  7. It's a good risk. Them trading up and getting him in the 1st allows for the 5th year option. Take the first year off and get him for 4 playing years on the cheap.
  8. Would you prefer he had Calvin Johnson Tds and his W/L record?
  9. also while the saints have been trying to get more LSU players on their team.
  10. Very few RB could manage to get on field and impress when we have Free and Tco. I agree Ward had his ops and did his job.
  11. Someone has also mentioned 3 cone numbers being something DQ&Co like.
  12. Not a reach if he wouldn't be there at our next pick.
  13. This is a booger. The classic pick and roll
  14. These next few years are going to be fun
  15. Probably on a flight to SF or Atlanta. He's old but has a couple years left in him.