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  1. Why even put yourself in this situation the week of the biggest day in your life. Id be in isolation.
  2. This alone isn't the reason for higher ticket prices. PSL, Super Bowl, and new a Stadium have had more of an impact on the actual increase in ticket prices than just the whole 3rd party thing.
  3. Bet it looks even better in person. Cant wait.
  4. Im fighting the same battle right now. we planning for the packers game and too many things lead me to think prices will only go up from here.
  5. In AZ before we had the Dback, all we saw here were the Braves and Cubs. Still a few braves fans out here and have decent turn outs at the games here.
  6. Does anyone know if during these visits do they meet any players or coaches? Kinda to sell them on th Brotherhood
  7. Pass rushers come one come all. Should be out motto.
  8. Someone hack his instgram and post a video of him doing bong rips.
  9. I just thought of all people DQ would have known that if it comes down to whether I should run or pass in a crucial time in the Super Bowl. Run the **** ball. Every time.
  10. This. Looked very fluid and effortless.
  11. This unfortunately will be forgotten when the season starts and they will be balls deep from Godgers
  12. Hey played great as a $back when we were short a couple LB this past season. Wouldn't be mad at full time move.