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  1. Kap, Cam, Gino, and add in other message boards legends like Locker, Mallet, Murray,and Gabbert. We have an amazing track record of picking the next "great " QB
  2. Last year we should have built our team like the Seahawks. This year we should have built our team like the patriots. Wonder who we should be like next year.
  3. It's the single reason we lost the game. /thread /s time to move on.
  4. D line for sure then LB OG. We can trade back with a team who wants to pick a QB in the 1st for that 5th year option.
  5. This guy would be the opposite of Freeney
  6. We should go into this draft with 2 questions. Can he rush the passer and can he protect Ryan? After those 2 are done, go BPA for depth.
  7. Rumors say Gronk maybe the one leaving NE and not Bennett
  8. Word on the street here in AZ, he is priority 1 and Campbell 2. I wouldn't mind us kicking the tires on Campbell.
  9. The Julio catch took their hearts out. But the sack fumble gave it back.
  10. What also makes me feel real good going into next season is we don't have many questions marks as far as the core of our team goes. Super Bowl LII here we come.