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  1. "Completely idiotic" more like it -- "cute" is far too kind
  2. Worse playcall than Seattle goaline
  3. Likely means Kyle will have...
  4. Lol what's he supposed to say, "Matt does X &Y and we're going to use both in our game plan?" On second thought it would it would be decidedly Belichickian to say "We have uncovered 3 critical weaknesses" and leave the Falcons to sweat over them.
  5. That ****-eating grin he gave Rodgers was hilarious
  6. This thread may be tongue in cheek, but their offense is filthy and their D is about the polar opposite of the Packers'.
  7. Maybe it's a jealous seahawk that knows they'll have to come through that building next winter.
  8. Is that Kris Jenkins thread still around?
  9. Probably looking for sympathetic refereeing decisions as well