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  1. WE do only seem to Trade up Huge for Bama guys...
  2. needs to focus in here.
  3. He will be a 4 for us, but not because he wont be good, but, because we have so much coming int he next 3 years.
  4. So, this is why I think Folty will be a good starter most years, and a few in there he may be great. He has heat and 2 plus offerings, with a third on it's way in his change. Fun to watch him pitch today.
  5. try rogues hazelnut brown. if you like dragon's milk, it will be good.
  6. THey have a ton of different beers. They also distill some nice gin. Great choice.
  7. I see. I knew he was due to come back here really soon. Just didn't know about the Gwinnett stent.
  8. That seems really dumb. Where is Kemp, or did I miss that somewhere?
  9. Worrying about Dansby hitting a fastball is premature. Give the man some time to breathe. Have you heard of small sample size? He was fine last year, and they are giving him a slider away a lot also. The fastballs he has missed will be hit soon. His BABIP speaks to the unlucky nature of the ones he has been hitting.
  10. Yeah, I am fast tracking it. Information overload in some respects, review in a lot of others. Will be glad to have it behind me. I am on the planning side.
  11. I would think Tim Williams should be in the group. I like the "Get while the getting is good" idea though.
  12. Awesome stuff man, I will be a CFP before the year is out. I know what you are going through.
  13. Small sample size, but all I have heard about Boni being in shape and looking like his old self seem to be correct. He looks like his old self. Hands are much quicker through the zone, and he is running better than I remember him over the last few years. Very encouraging.
  14. Agreed with the over all sentiment here. Good for the minors, terrible idea for the majors. Have they not seen Rick Camp's Homer????
  15. Hate seeing our SP there. I understand they want to play, but, man, a bigger load than normal so early.