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  1. Small sample size, but all I have heard about Boni being in shape and looking like his old self seem to be correct. He looks like his old self. Hands are much quicker through the zone, and he is running better than I remember him over the last few years. Very encouraging.
  2. Agreed with the over all sentiment here. Good for the minors, terrible idea for the majors. Have they not seen Rick Camp's Homer????
  3. Hate seeing our SP there. I understand they want to play, but, man, a bigger load than normal so early.
  4. They are going to push for more offense, as that is the perception of what the fan wants. I rather like the pitching duel, but, I fear I may be in the minority on that one.
  5. Are you willing to come back after the game to discuss what went on? If so, then we shall see. If not, then GTFOH. We will win, and my prediction is 37-17.
  6. The prediction I am making is Falcons 37, Patriots 17. I believe that the "god" Belichick does not have enough answers to our weapons. I also believe that one of these small receivers get tattooed and cough up a fumble. Once they get behind, we hit Brady quite a bit, and he throws a late interception. That is the way I see it, but, we will all see in a few days. RISE UP!
  7. Alabama fan here. He is a plugger, and not a ton more. He is a workhorse, but, doesn't have the quicks to rush from the inside, or the leverage that I have seen to throw guys around. I would absolutely love to see Ryan Anderson though. He is undervalued imho. Need to watch Williams. HAve not gotten into the film work currently. Still pumped about the Superb Owl......
  8. I can certainly see what you mean by entitled. I do think a 6th or 7th, and I think mostly we cut those guys each year. He has more upside, IMO, than most of the other projected guys there.
  9. Kids are kids. Under leadership and brotherhood if you will, guys can learn what they should have as a toddler.
  10. Kelly has a great arm, tons of will to win, and I believe a case for the most upside of the 2nd/3rd tier QB's in this draft. I think a 3rd day pick on this guy makes a ton of sense. He is a pocket passer who can learn from Matt, and his numbers at the combine and his pro day will show he is a sneaky good athlete. I am an Alabama fan, and have seen first hand the moxy, and drive this guy has. He makes his teammates around him believe also. Would love to see him in the black and red.
  11. We will look good with a Collins, Tru, Alford trio. Alford in the slot, plays to his strengths, and as I remember, that was the plan earlier this year.
  12. Born Douglas General Hospital. Live Cumming, GA now
  13. Reminds me of a young Babaneux. Quick into one gap. He has some frame to grow into also it seems.
  14. Umm...... No way bro. MVP is icing on the Super Bowl cake. Icing gives you a tummy ache with out the cake to balance it out.
  15. Love having this guy locked up. A gold glove defender in one of the 3 most important positions is awesome. Can't wait to see how he grows and becomes a stud. I see him as a gold glover and .300/15/50/50SB guy. This contract is a steal if that comes about. 5YRS/30.525 with a club option. Awesome deal Coppy, so glad to have you here Ender.