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  1. This guy in the article is a victim olympics medal contender. He cant just not like Dave Chappelle, you have to agree or you are not on the right side of history.
  2. I bet the decision tree about how much to offer a passenger to give up a seat changes going forward. Im pretty sure they could have given someone on that plane ten million dollars and Super-Duper-One-Of-Kind frequent flyer status for life and come out way ahead.
  3. What are the regulations
  4. Was it United Airlines employees who dragged the man off of the plane or was it airport police? The article that JDave posted makes it sound like airport police were the actors. That doesn't change the fact that United had ample opportunity to resolve the situation without police. I just wonder how a lawsuit would proceed in this situiation. If Chicago Police were the one who beat the man up, then United would not be responsible for the violence, would they?
  5. If I remember correctly it was ISP bs OSP politics and ISP won. They didn't want to have the shippings business move outside the city and the traffic issue is not the same degree of problem if you are ISP.
  6. If they unmasked Americans citizens who were incidental to the investigation, is it still legal?
  7. Highest annual Net Income is something like -70 million. EDIT: Make that $-74 million http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/tsla/financials?query=income-statement
  8. Coal powered car produced by a company that has never turned a profit.
  9. Just an observation. The GOP doesnt know how to be in power. They have been the Washington Generals for so long that they dont know how to win even when they win. I dont know about bad guys. They are doing what they think is right. From their point of view we have been here many times. They and their voters want something and the republicans finally get to a position to do something and offer a compromise that is essentially " We will do this now and what you want later" the later part never happens. I still think that you have to start by moving in the direction that you want to go. So, I dont understand the all or nothing mentality that many have.
  10. It is more about a small group of conservative purist who dont understand what it is like to move the ball in the direction their goal.
  11. Calories. They are innacurate. Also they do t serve their purpose. People are still fat and more than they were in droves.
  12. More specifically. I mean that calories, fat, carbs, etc. are unnecessary. The information is typically inaccurate and the creep to the point that restaurants are required is just the sort of wasteful regulation that lets people think that the government is doing something that they are not.
  13. I think food labeling is an unnecessary regulation.
  14. Imagine how much they would be if the government guaranteed loans for people that were much more than they could get from a private lender.
  15. School needs to be more affordable. Offering government subsidized loans will never make it more affordable. The price will always be inflated as long as the government backs student loans.