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  1. Calories. They are innacurate. Also they do t serve their purpose. People are still fat and more than they were in droves.
  2. More specifically. I mean that calories, fat, carbs, etc. are unnecessary. The information is typically inaccurate and the creep to the point that restaurants are required is just the sort of wasteful regulation that lets people think that the government is doing something that they are not.
  3. I think food labeling is an unnecessary regulation.
  4. Imagine how much they would be if the government guaranteed loans for people that were much more than they could get from a private lender.
  5. School needs to be more affordable. Offering government subsidized loans will never make it more affordable. The price will always be inflated as long as the government backs student loans.
  6. Johnny U is a better QB for this role. He defined the QB position and that definition still stands.
  7. So, does anyone who ever met with a Russian official "Have ties to Russia"?
  8. Yea, I will never forget all of those high ranking Democrat Senators who fought against Obama side by side with Republicans and all of those prominent Democrat media leaders who were anti-Obama. Lets list them off. You start.
  9. 47/39 That sounds like a Hillary victory prediction.
  10. It goes something like this: We are a muliti-billion dollar business and we will finance your campaign and give your nephew a cushy job if you get our legislation passed and nobody is really fighting us anyway, so you wont lose any political capital.
  11. All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. -BM You hear this all the time at conservative gatherings. Reminds me of Milton Friedman or Ronald Reagan.
  12. The Nazi's were definitely to the right of Marxist, but so where New Dealers. Were New Dealers right wing?
  13. Facism is a left wing ideology. Centralized control of the economy is in direct conflict with conservative american ideology.
  14. This is a good St. Patrick's day whiskey. Dont drink green beer. Just dont.
  15. Maybe the best bourbon I have ever had. It is high octane, but the bite is mild. Great combination of caramel, butterscotch, with a bit of spicy cinnamon.