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  1. Do not ask who you can trust with the power of the president. Ask how much power you would trust with any president.
  2. This approach won't win anyone to your side. If anything they will go forward with an attack on cell phone companies.
  3. I have been a fan of homeschooling for a long time. I came to the idea around the time of the school voucher hullabaloo in the 90's. I was a high school student at the time. I am not sure how I came to my particular way of approaching problems and solutions, but in a nutshell I usually start with the question, "If there were no limits, what would I do to solve this problem?" So for schooling, the question went something like this, if money, power, and access were not obstacles, what sort of education would I want for me or my child? Has anyone ever had this kind of education? I thought of two people (one real, one fictional): Alexander the Great and Paul Atreides. The ideal education would be personal instruction from the greatest teachers. Alexander the Great was the personal student of Aristotle. Paul was tutored by a great scientist, a master swordsman, a doctor, and military leader. Another example wold be Bruce Lee's great impact on the martial arts, cinema, and society started with him being the personal student of one of the greatest wing chun teachers of all time. Logically, the next question is whether or not this sort of education is possible. Access is the biggest issue. So, coming back to earth, to what degree could this education be possible in my own life? Who do I know that I would consider a great teacher. I know a few. I remember thinking in my 20's that I would trade all of my high school education, for one missionary trip with my grandfather, who went to places where Christians were murdered and once spread the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain at great risk. That is the bumper sticker version. He was a man who genuinely evoked love to everyone he met. I always thought that given more time with him, I would be a better man. I have been relatively successful in business, and most of what I know about business I learned spending summers with my father. He ran a small construction business,and I would ride around with him all day and see what he did. I would recommend that any young person wanting to learn business take a job as an unpaid intern so long as it allows them to follow around the boss and see what he does. I have considered offering just such an internship. There are things about business and getting things done that you just have to be around to really get: how to handle pressure, what it really means to deliver what customers want, how to prioritize, when to say no, what a sixteen hour day looks like, etc... Everybody want to be lion until its time to lion ****. Same goes for owning a business. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur until it means working ninety hours a week for six weeks to break even. I have always had an interest in this topic and have read a great deal about homeschooling. What I have learned is that homeschool children get the kind of education that I had dreamed and you don't need Ip Mann unless your child is on a path to become a great martial artist. Then, by all mean, seek out the best martial arts teacher you can find and have him teach your child. Same goes for music, mathematics, cooking, tennis, etc... Socialization is a boogy man. People have been raised by their families without spending seven hours a day in a state mandated facility for ages and some of the greatest leaders of all time spent very little time in formal schools. Ben Franklin went to one year of grammar school. This is the education, I want for my son. I want to be able to send him on trip with my uncle to the Philippines and see what helping people really looks like as opposed to sending a dollar to the save the world fund or w/e the charity de jour is today. I want him to come with me and see what managing people looks like in the real world. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, these are things that do not require thirty other boys and girls his age to learn. He can spend a week or a month with his grandparents. Our school system teaches children to act in an institutionalized way, that is a hindrance when they get to the 'real world'. Why not skip that and just let them live and learn in the real world? The real obstacle is that it is difficult and the state has made it easy to go their route. How do you afford it? How do you homeschool when you and your wife both work? What do you teach them? Are you qualified? I can teach my son everything he will learn up to college level Calc II. After that, I understand whats going on, but don't trust my ability to teach. Also, if he gets to that level before he goes to college himself, I can always get help. Sorry for the rambling.
  4. Solar cannot take you completely off grid. You might be able to organize your life in such a way that you have zero electricity bill, but you could also coupon in such a way that you pay zero grocery bills. Solar is a supplement to the electric grid and if enough people use it, then it could cause a drop in electricity prices. It is also possible that Power Companies increase their prices because of lost revenue. Monopolies do not follow normal market forces.
  5. At this point, I am not sure. It seems that no one is concerned with truth or accuracy. Like you said, WH denials make the look guilty. Isn't that all that matters these days?
  6. Now we are down to proving negative? The power of conspiracy reasoning.
  7. Quick. Name any FBI director other than Hoover or Comey.
  8. This is why federalism is the answer. The United States is too populous and diverse a nation to have one solution for all the people. The federal government should simply protect citizens from harm by their local government. Local governments should do everything else. If people in some states want state run healthcare, let them have it. If people in other states do not want state run healthcare, let them not have it. The polarization is the result of tyranny of the majority. This is much less likely when the government is localized. No need to riot over who is President if he cant make you buy health insurance or take away your federal aid.
  9. I love the endgame vision of Solar Rooftops, its just still a future maybe.
  10. The cost to purchase and install combined with the the energy of its lifespan make it a net loss.
  11. Hopefully. Solar still has a long way to go on cost effectiveness. The end goal would be awesome. Essentially it is a decentralized electrical generations system.
  12. I read great article by a homeschool mom about that addresses the socialization argument with near perfection. In a nutshell, your homeschool kids will be different; That's what you want. Yes My Grown Homeschool Children are odd,-And Yours Will Be Too http://www.homefires.com/articles/odd_children.asp
  13. I am skeptical of medicating children. However, I do not think that it is never the solution. My son takes adderal and it has been a tremendous help. He is severely attention deficit. Not hyperactive. For the first half of the year this year he struggled in school because his attention span is so short. He aces mathematics tests and is extremely well spoken, but reading and other topics that require prolonged attention cause him significant difficulty. He had worked very hard to improve his ability to pay attention. We tried all sorts of methods and he would go to school with the full intent to do well and a plan, but still not be able pay attention. You can litteraly see him lose focus while talking to him. It is as if he is on narcotics. After basically five months of progressive attempts to help him focus, we had him tested and diagnosed attention deficit The difference was stark and almost immediate. On the smallest dose he was suddenly able to pay attention. Within two weeks he won a school wide writing award, when before, he struggled to successfully write a paragraph over a four hour period.
  14. The roof is definitely not viable without the 30% tax subsidy.
  15. Homeschoolers as a group are well socialized. Why is it that so many people think that a group of a few hundred thirteen olds is best suited to teach a thirteen year old to be an adult.