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  1. Yes, Falcons sucked in 2015.
  2. To be fair, falcons sucked in 2015 and got lucky with the first game of last season.
  3. That's Isis for ya.
  4. my cousin has a white rat with a black dot under his nose, named hitler.
  5. i think some fans just wants to see takk fail.
  6. I have a cousin that went through home schooling, he done his school work on-line from some home school program. The next time I talk to him, I will ask him which program he used.
  7. He wasn't elite at FSU, just like he's not now and that's okay. But he's no Le'veon Bell, he shouldn't get that kind of money imo.
  8. gonna be a long 10 weeks, maybe longer. Freddie wont be back until at least early august.
  9. I think Tom Brady and Arod will be ranked higher than Ryan. I can see Brown still ranked higher than Jones, both should be in the top 10.
  10. How is Steelers ranked higher than falcons?
  11. Hard to believe it's been 7 seasons since he was with the Falcons, at least he made a career in the CFL and seems to be doing really well there.