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  1. TMZ also thinks Kim Kardashian butt is real too.
  2. So panthers gonna trade up to #2 for a rb?
  3. Is it really a smokescreen? Think about it.
  4. Even if he did fail the drug test because he was trying to cover up weed, at least he didn't beat up a woman, animal abuse or beat up children. At least we don't know anything about it.
  5. A distant memory I wanted to forget.
  6. Since we don't need a RB, since it's not a big need, we shouldn't waste a draft pick on a RB, instead just sign an UDFA RB. As for signing AP? It was a joke.
  7. There is a thing called Undrafted players aka UDFA.
  8. It's always good to have 3 good RB's.
  9. Didn't really thought about it that way.
  10. Or just sign one after the draft and not waste a draft pick on a RB.
  11. 3 headed RB is better than 2. Also keeping him away from Saints would be investment worthy.
  12. Why didn't falcons sign him for $3mm?