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  1. AP

    of course we dont need him.
  2. AP

    I'm surprised nobody started a "Bring him home!" topic yet, you guys are slacking... I personally wouldn't sign him, unless he takes a 1 year deal... a 3 headed RB lineup could be deadly.
  3. Would love these helmets, to go along with red jerseys.
  4. Hey, all I said is don't get your hopes up, when he left, I did believe that was the last of it.
  5. don't hold your breath, I say it's a 90% chance of not happening.
  6. Who would the braves trade?
  7. Can Soma Vainuku block? That boy is like 260lbs.
  8. We need to bring back Freeney.
  9. Now we can focus on guard, safety and lb in the draft.
  10. Rightttttttttttttttt......... sure.
  11. Me after Superbowl.
  12. I told people not to get excited. I knew this could end up being result. Used for food.
  13. At this point, just resign freeney and extend tru and free. Draft a DT, guard and safety.