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  1. He won me over when he made his Atlanta debut wearing those sweet customized cleats on 9/11. This only further cements my opinion of him. Such a good dude that I'm proud to have represent this team. Sanu and Freeman are proof positive that the DQ/Dimi version of the "Falcon filter" work.
  2. The quality of play is already above the mls standard. I feel like im watching a diet la liga side; tiki taka futbol. Off the ball movement is savvy, link up play has been phenomenal, midfield has been creative and the finishing has been clinical for the most part. Martino has these boys on a promising path. I daresay United can compete in the CCL in 5 years or less.
  3. And Alex Jones LOVES you.
  4. If the Falcons participated in a fix in any way shape or form I would stop being a fan and dispose of all my memorabilia the very second I was provided with undeniable proof. They blew this game. Whether as a collective, as I believe, or as a result of one mans ego, they failed to execute. We had the superior talent and gameplan; you dont get a 28-3 lead thru 40 minutes of play otherwise. We failed to adjust. We got fatigued. Our inexperience led to less than optimal play calls that didnt result in our favor. What didnt happen, however, was Matt Ryan intentionally taking a sack. Matthews did not intentionally hold. Julio Jones didnt intentionally lay himself out for a catch that he consciously knew would ultimately lead to absolutely nothing. This game was not fixed. Accept it.
  5. By voting??? 26 of the 44 winners of the offensive player of the year award have also won the MVP.
  6. Yes, i cried a bit. I was laughing so hard I literally couldnt breathe. I doubled over and clutched my abdomen and that got the tear ducts working. I couldnt be more satisfied with how this team came out and represented. 1 more win gentlemen.
  7. He and his brother are the type of honest personalities the NFL needs more of, but wants to put a muzzle on.
  8. woops, how embarrassing!
  9. I almost always would rather differ, better chance to double dip on TDs
  10. You guys are right on that, **** my lady has a beautiful 4 year old daughter with another man. doesnt mean im fond of being reminded of the man. doesnt mean i like him. doesnt mean it cant get to me that the dude she obviously deemed unfit and unworthy of being a part of her life tries to spit that **** talk to me. its more about basic primal instincts, male ego, and being somewhat possessive in a relationship. Im probably more immature in that regard than yall and Wilson doesnt strike me as this type of man, but i have a hard time believing any single one of you, and wilson especially, wouldnt be extra juiced to smack the ever living **** out of anyone that tried to use my girl and her past against me.
  11. If you want to **** with another man dont do it through his woman. Much respect to Quinn. Get into Russ's head by sending Beasley to bounce it off the turf.
  12. Disappointed but itll be a different kind of disappointed. I was disappointed in 2012 because I didnt think we'd get too many better shots than that. I'd be disappointed this year because I feel we're as championship worthy as any other team in the playoff field but with so much young talent and having an actual team identity going forward I'm convinced we will be a threat for many years.
  13. Couldnt agree more. In my brief time on this Earth I've never been more confident about a Falcon playoff game than this one.
  14. If it takes Seattle 2 quarters to put 10 up on us, we'll walk away with it. I have little reason to believe our defense cant play better than Detroit's. I have even less reason to believe Seattle can win. I'm already itching for next week. I hate these pompous ****s