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  1. I caught about 10 minutes in the middle, and it looked good. But I was in a hotel without ondemand or dvr, so I decided to wait until I get home, so I can watch it from the beginning.
  2. Did you watch that J. Cole special on HBO?
  3. The great thing about these displays of militarism before sporting events is that they help to condition the public to unquestioningly accept ridiculous amounts of defense spending.
  4. Happy to confirm that the real estate market in Nawf Atlanta is indeed boomin'
  5. Made it back to Atlanta. At Phipps right now, taking my bottom chick shopping, and I find my favorite store, Agent Provocateur, has closed.
  6. I don't know exactly how the white liberal concept of micro aggressions works, but if I see a woman I'm interested in, I always let her know. Always.
  7. Every sitcom/soap opera needs a gay character.
  8. Lo stone is the black guy from Walker Texas Ranger.
  9. This is the field-stretching tight end I've been looking for.
  10. If this were a 90's sitcom, I would be played by John Stamos.