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  1. Yep. My point is that none, or very few, teams have the decent OL depth to win in the fourth quarter if three of the five starters are wounded.
  2. Do you project Harlow as a swing man? Is there someone else that I missed? I don't see it. The backups are too young.
  3. Yep. Falcons were gassed. As to the "Decent OL depth".....What is the solution? Other than having experienced good O linemen? What does it cost? I do not remember a team that I followed (Falcons and Raiders and Bucs) with that OL depth.
  4. Took me a while. One of those SWOOoooooooooshhhhhh moments.
  5. That is a good option, he should submit an application for a coaching position. Of coarse, it will pay less than was he was making, but he is still in football.
  6. Ok, struck a brain cell with that. I remember him ballooning then going to the Saints for his last season. Shame.
  7. Yea, JM80 wasn't as fast as Sharpe, nor lasted as long as either Olsen or Sharpe, bless his Falcon heart...Only played five years (Four with the Falcons.), but had two Pro Bowls with the birds. He was drafted at only 238 pounds. Seemed fast though. I was ecstatic when he was drafted, even though I thought the Falcons needed defense.
  8. Gotta admit Realist hooked many on this troll. Cow Bells at 1mph with a tasty nightcrawler couldn't have done better.
  9. Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks, where Quinn served as defensive coordinator prior to arriving in Atlanta, also had their first week of OTAs removed in addition to other fines and draft pick removal for repeatedly violating the same rule. The delayed start should not have too much of an impact on a Falcons roster that remains largely intact just a few months removed from a conference championship. Atlanta will now begin OTAs on May 30 with the remaining six practices taking place June 1-2, June 5-6 and June 8-9 at the team’s training facility in Flowery Branch. The mandatory minicamp is scheduled for June 13-15. Thanks!
  10. Like trolling, perhaps?