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  1. According to the bar owner the girl hit Brantley multiple times and once in the face. She also claims Brantley knocked her out. She's on video walking away from it. Security said he never punched her but did have to push her away. Id take a flyer on that edit: also the girls lawyers already tried to settle out of court for money. Brantley lawyers told them to get out of here with that crap.
  2. I agree. Just total coincidence I guess.
  3. I'm always (don't post much). Not going anywhere. Hope he turns into Lawrence Taylor if we pick him.
  4. Every year there's a late round or UDFA, coincidentally they're usually white, that is always projected to be the next past White Falcon player. Cole Magner could be the next Fin (I remember those threads) john Beck was supposed to be out next brooking star was supposed to be out next great according to some keep going?
  5. Seems like the message boards next great white hype guy that never amounts to anything
  6. GTFO
  7. If Kyle helps get us a ring and becomes their coach, I'd forget everything the 49ers ever did to us and root for them at times.
  8. I died at the 8:30 min mark in the Vic video. Perfect ending
  9. Oh this guy is a **** genius
  10. Yikes me wife would try to kill me. She bought a new dress to match one of my dress shirts.
  11. Ugh I'll apologize in advance. My thing is, never wear any Falcons apparel. I've been pretty consistent this year wearing the same shorts and same color wife beater and watching the game from MY couch. Well about 4 months ago my wife and I RSVP'd to a friend of ours vow renewal. The other day my wife reminded me about it and I said "**** that the Falcons play at 4:30". The thing is at 5. My wife was not pleased. So I had to compromise and tell her I'd go, so she doesn't have to go by herself, but I'm getting there before my game and staying at the bar. It's at a nice restaurant that also has a wedding hall. No tvs in the hall but my wife said it's ok for me to stay at bar and not go watch the renewal nor be there for the dinner. Feel a bit bad for our friend because I'm sure they had to pay per RSVP so I'll probably ask him if I can give him the money for my part.
  12. I think Saban said it best "y'all asked for this". College football wanted a playoff system. Said system made all other bowl games pretty much irrelevant. I don't see anything wrong sitting it out. I'd question it if they were on a final 4 team.
  13. Nah if they can go then they should. Might not be a "down the stretch" if we mess these games up.
  14. Eye test they seem better than last year so that's good. They've forced 6 fumbles in the last two games but recovered none. If the ball starts bouncing our way they'll look much better
  15. Great game plan by us