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  1. I would selfishly like to see Peppers fall to us 2nd or better 3rd...probably unlikely.
  2. I would like to believe that...but no. I wanted Holmes to work out...Konz is exhibit A of what happens when you draft for need in a bad class for it. Bad choices are just that and nothing else.
  3. Figuring out how to use a guy like Ish is why I have faith in Quinn.
  4. If we don't move up to draft a player on the offensive side of the ball...I'm good with it. It makes sense if its for a defensive player...just not a cb.
  5. I think that stretch will show us who we are...3 wins and the early bye might not be so bad. We can't go less then 4-1 before the bye...unless the division is poor.
  6. Hate the bye week. I'm going to have to make that trip to Seattle...
  7. Thanks for everything Roddy!!!! One of my all time favorite players Falcon 4Life!!!!
  8. @TheDirtyWordII I like the look ahead approach to your mock. I didn't care for the QB pick, get a pass catching developmental TE in the 5th. Otherwise, it was thought out and different.
  9. I hope he wins, or provides real depth, to the free safety position.
  10. I want a rb to challenge our 3rd string rb...a big pass catching/pass protecting/short yardage rb or fb. Hopefully, we can find that late.
  11. I am a fan of mocks that have Cole Hikutini late...smart decision IMHO. He has to prove he can make it on spt...Armstrong will make or break Hikutini.
  12. A cheap Tamme solution.
  13. I think that the Falcons are best suited to address the OG position with what's on the roster already. No need to draft a guard, if at all, until after round 3 IMHO. The system doesn't call for a potential all pro guard, but a dependable scheme fit...a younger Chester. The other positions of need, defensive ones, we should try and hit on playmakers and just add talent to the defense. Dedicate the late rounds and UDFA for positions like guard, rb, or te.
  14. I think we should draft a TE to compete with anyone not named Hooper or Levine...especially one that is more receiver. Just not early, unless its an unbelieveable best player available scenario.