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  1. I don't think you can find a bag of pork rinds in North Carolina right now.
  2. Note to self...Do not take KB in your fantasy draft
  3. Me either or Brooks. It would be a tough decision to make room for Freeney. The positive is how stacked the D line looks at this point compared to last year.
  4. Ish isn't that big. Grace will need to perform on special teams to get a spot.
  5. I'm sure many might say Brooks Reed or Shede. I have no clue. I would love to have DF back, might depend on how fast Takk can get going. At least DF would be a luxury and not a need like last year.
  6. Thought DQ answered who he felt the most disappointed for admirably ...owner and fans. Also the part about evaluating what players do well and what they need to improve...and focusing on drilling to improve weaknesses.
  7. Yep, you can't replace JJ for any long period of time. When JJ wasn't healthy, just being on the field mattered to the offense.
  8. Fair write up. I'm just not that concerned about the Oline situation.
  9. D Jones DROY worthy season overshadowed Campbell...he did well.
  10. I think they want Poe to come in lighter, that could help a lot.
  11. A lot goes into scouting potential draft prospects. If the Falcons saw a risk, I doubt they draft Takk, let alone move up to get him. Nice looking dog.
  12. Agree, but it was a blessing for several rookies to get thrown in the deep end of the pool and have to swim. He gained a lot of valuable experience. I can see Hoop making huge gains.
  13. Good to see our players are taking their craft seriously. Thanks for posting
  14. Sanu td regular season vs GB was my favorite...he was my MVP on that game winning drive. Heck of a season from MR2!
  15. Let Jalen pan out and the Bayou will be on fire...plucking talent right from their backyard.