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  1. He, just like us, doesn't have access to a lot of the things that matter. He's not in the interview room. He doesn't know most of their characters, besides what he hears second hand. He doesn't know their drive or their capacity to handle pressure. He looks at film and grades them accordingly. He's right a lot of times on that, but the rest of the stuff matters just as much if not more. Clausen might physically have been a better prospect than Matt Ryan, but one of them is now an MVP because of all of the intangibles.
  2. I think any combination of Clayborn, Shelby, Crawford, Jarrett, Poe, and Hageman on the line with Beasley at SLB and Neal in the box will shut down most any run game.
  3. I'd probably say Stafford before Rodgers. Either way, I doubt many can do it at Favre's age.
  4. He didn't bring in Osi and a lot of those players are role players at best.
  5. This is correct. It amazes me that Quinn is lauded for starting a 1st, 2nd, and 4th round pick on defense when Smitty started more undrafted AND high round picks. It wasn't playing them, which he did, it's that our picks had no talent.
  6. And at this point in his proven pro career, Freeman's scouting report would say that he compares to LaDanian Tomlinson. I don't know about you, but I'm not trading a poor man's LT for a poor man's unproven Bo Jackson.
  7. I said before and early this season that next year was our year, which is the only reason I keep the loss in perspective. We went WAY farther than I thought possible this year. We're not going to add as much as I thought possible because I thought we would be picking in the 20-25 range, but even adding just two more players the caliber of Deion Jones and Austin Hooper is what will push us over the top.
  8. And Vic Beasley.
  9. Which is how Denver did it with two of the best linebackers in the game. If Jarrett had any help of that caliber in the Super Bowl, we won hands down.
  10. I think he was, to be honest. They envisioned him being the lead back and Freeman the complement. If he had stayed healthy since he was drafted, that would probably be the case.
  11. Wade will use him just like he used JJ.
  12. I love the idea of the "Atlanta Falcons" offense. We need to stay consistent. Pieces will change, but Matt will always be here to teach players and coaches what we do on offense and Quinn will always be here to teach players and coaches what we do on defense. This needs to be a Dungy/Peyton partnership.
  13. That would be the Patriots. They proved it.
  14. Julio doesn't have the exact height and length that Moss used to "Moss" people, but he can still high point the ball like Moss could. Moss could NOT do that flipping catch Julio made this past Sunday.
  15. Julio Jones can do everything Randy Moss could do. Randy Moss could not do everything Julio Jones can do.