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  1. Although he is listed as a center, could he fill out need at guard and be our backup center.? Would he fit our scheme? I ask cause there is a good chance Dawkins and feeney are gone by our round 2 pick, and lamp will most likely be gone before our Round 1 pick. I believe the guard position is our number 1 need. I think Garcia the ot could be converted to guard and be there with our third round. And I wonder if eiflein might be a better solution with the 2nd round pick.
  2. Our 3rd round pick would move us up to pick number 24, our 2nd rounder could move us up to pick 18. I think reddick will be out of reach or far too costly.
  3. Jordan Willis at 31. I'm fine with that. Then get a guard round 2 feeney, Dawkins, or Garcia ( ot move inside). Then free safery, or corner in the 3rd. May have to use 4th to trade up for our guard in the second.
  4. Your absolutely correct. With the smith organization I stressed through the whe drsft process cause I didn't trust them, but with Quinn I'm confident in whoever he takes.
  5. If we're moving up that far it better be for Barnett
  6. Quick someone post a video of him in a gas mask
  7. I have a totally insane question? Miles Garrett is clearly gonna be a stud for a decade barring injury. We moved up from 27 to 6 for Julio, so here goes what would we have to give up for the number one pick? Three 1sts? 3 1sts and 2 4ths? 3 1sts 2 2nds? And would having Beasley on one side and Garrett on the other be worth it?
  8. I really doubt anyone takes a qb in The draft till pick 25 with Houston, with that said I see by our pick most defensive players we look at and lamp being gone. Therefore I see it this way. If a team will move up ahead of cle to grab the 2nd qb's we would trade back. Because of value I really only see the jets as a viable option. To gain an extra 4th rounder, However if we're stuck with the pick we will take Derek rivers de youngtown state i see us going guard in the 2nd round, and we may even try to move up to a higher 2nd round pick, if feeney drops Down into the middle part of the round.
  9. If you look at who all we have worked out, or any research on, Harris is not one of them therefore even if he is on the board I doubt we take him
  10. I notice that we have not done anything with Charles Harris to this point. Unless we start looking at him closely very soon I highly doubt we take him even if he is on the board
  11. CBS and Jeremiah both have bowser rated 36 that's right at a first rounder
  12. Only way I see a trade down is if the higher pick teams pass on qb's and a mid 2nd round team wants to jump them say buf or the jets. I just don't see anyone else teams would want to jump back in the first for.
  13. This guy has moved up the player rankings , he's 36th according to both Jeremiah and cbs. If we want him we will have to probably grab him at 31. But is he really worth that high of a pick?
  14. This guy would surely choose us to sign his udfa deal with
  15. Based on our free agent losses so far and there contracts, what comp picks are we looking at receiving next year