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  1. This post may be the one thing lamer than the poll. You took complaints over a stupid TMZ-ish topic that has already been beaten into the ground and used it as a launching board to assail "they?" That's just weird man. Maybe take a break from the board if you take it that seriously.
  2. Now we just need a good punt/kick returner...
  3. Happy Birthday KOG!
  4. Terrible spin. You're just being a moderate troll. Fact is, Poe is an upgrade on a rapidly improving and young defense. This isn't signing a flashy name to come in and flash alone, this was a signing of a flashy name, who came here on the cheap because he will be in a system that will maximize his role and increase his value next year. He will play fewer snaps, in more advantageous situations, and will be better for it. We won't know if his back will hold him back, but the reduced load (and reportedly weight) will only help. Good signing for the birds. He might not be 2003 training camp Kris "literally across the line before snap" Jenkins levels of impactful, but he will be a good signing barring a significant injury setback. Carologic to think otherwise....
  5. Good for Robinson. He showed what he could here in limited reps last season, and I would imagine Kyle will make more use of him with that receiving core in SF. Nice to see a hard working journeyman type secure a nice payday for his family.
  6. I honestly could not care less what you do for a living dude. This is a football message board, not linkedin.
  7. Getting the right answer without knowing how to do the problem doesn't make you smart. Give it a rest.
  8. Not having Neal on there is a travesty.
  9. The pain of losing the superbowl is that everything broke right for us this year. I am hopeful that we can have a relatively injury free year next year, and if we do, I believe we have a real chance to repeat a deep playoff run. If the season derails, this loss will sting even longer. But as pointed out in King's column, this team has a very young and talented core, who already proved they could compete with the best. The window for a superbowl did not just end, it just began, and if the drafts and coaching continue as they have been these last two years, that window isn't closing any time soon. My favorite part about thinking about the future is that in two years, the Falcons have a chance to be the first team to with the superbowl in their own house. And we have the team to get there, hopefully as part of a repeat!
  10. Going full troll now after getting smacked around in your conspiracy discussion? Time for a new screen name kid.
  11. Right? I am shocked BLM started yet another flame the Falcons thread.
  12. It's like you have paint chips for breakfast... Riddle me this Einstein, if there was a fix in this game, and the Falcons were in on it (they would have to be to explain Kyle's playcalling in your theory) then why are you sitting here on a message board that generates revenue based on your presence here? This fanbase doesn't need more lunatics. Speak with your pocketbook and boycott the NFL and all its mediums. Or do you get emotionally invested into the WWE too?
  13. That sounds tailor made for Ryan.
  14. Nah. He wants to be a contrarian. If the hire fails he says I told you so. If it succeeds it proves he was right about the filler. Either way he gets to crow about hindsight, which is like his Viagra. Now one can someone give insight into Sark's scheme?
  15. Would you be here if the Pats took the L? Highly doubt it.