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  1. Too much madden
  2. Not to mention he threw the man in the same category as jamarcus Russell. Lol
  3. Lol you can call my posts whatever you want. Unlike you are doing in this thread I don't get offended. Just accept that you're overreacting for no reason
  4. I got a mirror you can borrow
  5. Shouldn't you be staying in your lane in regards of what he names his pet?
  6. But just the other day sanuwasn't living up to his contract
  7. You created this thread. You shouldn't be throwing those words around
  8. Because there are people here that act completely stupid over the most irrelevant things
  9. You like it
  10. Awaiting the response to this. If I say this everyone gets offended and up in arms like little children.
  11. Wow
  12. Lol take it how you want.
  13. That's typically how sports work. Guys are going to remain friends/bros whatever you want to call it. I haven't seen a single case where a player made a big deal over a player goijg elsewhere to get his pay day. End of the day, life goes on and friendships remain intact. That's why the NFL and NBA especially follow the whole "brotherhood"trend
  14. Lol ok