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  1. I don't know. I like the current rule alot better.
  2. I helped make you the legend you are have hive sop dap. Get your *** back in here
  3. You ninjas are the real MVPs
  4. I like Coleman alot better
  5. Just go ahead and get over it. Don't waste any more time than this thinking about it cause it's a waste of your time
  6. Cool. Once I get in the new house I'll check it out.
  7. Team play or just solo
  8. Absolutely zero need or reason to think about it
  9. Okay, what's the real scoop on for honor. I've seen a few videos but honestly I haven't really paid close attention. Mostly because I watch the videos while I'm doing other things. What are you guys true opinion of it
  10. Pause men.... Pause You don't completely know that
  11. That's not a complete representation of his overall performance though. He chokes more than Romo
  12. This is all true
  13. Dude was never worth his draft slot
  14. 2 things(strictly only opinion) : the jags have a pretty solid young defense that will only get better. Poe would have been a great fit. Problem is they have a QB who chokes in every worst way possible. Not saying he's terrible but the jags aren't going anywhere with bortles at qb
  15. They replaced Weems with Andre Roberts