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  1. I honestly thought that said thots at first glance
  2. Glad I didn't buy it when you were trying to convince me too lol. When I played the beta I got bored out of my mind
  3. Just came to say in before lock or delete
  4. Gotta love it
  5. Bought this lol family game yesterday from Amazon called overcooked for 19.99. Checked the Xbox sale just now and it's 10 bucks. Fluff it
  6. Don't feel bad. I'm not a hardcore gamer period and tend to suck against try hards lol
  7. Sweet. I'm gonna start playing this weekend myself.
  8. How's the multiplayer
  9. Anyone played uncharted 4. Pretty certain I'm the only one with a ps4 who hasn't
  10. They got a couple of rings so that may not be the worst thing for the patriots
  11. My freakin goodness