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  1. Both teams should , their sou g things to speed the game up so there's really no reason both teams couldn't have a chance if the games are in a system to move faster
  2. Definitely a great poster and the way you talk to everyone a really classy person
  3. Honestly I don't agree with him on his grading of poe.... also I think Jackson to Tampa is the wrong grade .... but I don't think I get paid for my opinion so .... Doesn't matter
  4. He's definitely explosive , just not as durable as u would hope .... however he's not as brittle as Jerious Norwood ... now that I think about it we've had to of the most brittle players ever (Chris Chandler & Norwood)
  5. Bwahahaha....
  6. I think you I may had mislead you .... I was referring to university of Kentucky... I know absolutely nothing about the UK ...sorry
  7. Great guard but I'm not sure he'd be right for this offense ... and I'm a UK fan (insert laughing track now)
  8. My opinion falcndave nailed it .... let's be honest we had no shot that game and some how we came away with what was in my opinion are greatest victory
  9. Doubt walker will be there at 31
  10. Ugh ... smh ..... your right ... let's just hope we don't regress ....
  11. Hate to say it but I kind of agree with the Panthers fan ... truth is u give a defensive coordinator in the NFL a year to study how to stop a team and more than likely they will but the one thing that separates that from happening is having the right players on the field .... fortunately in my opinion we do ...
  12. I agree with everything u said ... it was a crazy tough loss but like u said time to get over it
  13. Your right plain and simple we played a great team and had them beat .... of the OC can make simple calls with 3 + minutes left we walk out winners .... Freeman had a good game running the ball and Ryan had a good day passing , defense stayed on the field.....just stupid play calling
  14. Everyone forgets about the '80' team or rather mist probably don't know about them cause I'm old , but they were by far the best team in the league that year and once again coaching got us best .... Bennet went conservative, and I feel like if Vick had taken his job more seriously wed had a ring in his tenure ...jmo