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  1. It's a cult of personality. The hero figure can do no wrong and cannot fail.
  2. "Trump isn't under investigation! Just half a dozen (maybe more) people he appointed to his campaign and cabinet are the ones under investigation! Clearly he is guiltless!' As for your other point: The first 100 days is the honeymoon period where support for the new president is at its highest which makes it easier, especially if his party controls Congress, to pass landmark legislation. Due to that, you'd think Trump would have pushed for the many things he promised to get done in his first 100 days. Instead we got this: ****, they couldn't even do what they promised to do for nearly a decade in repealing Obamacare. Instead all Trump got was the Freedom Caucus flipping him the bird after he/Brannon tried to threaten them. As it stands his most notable achievements in his first 100 days are the constant scandals, his numerous executive orders and actions (sans the ones struck down by the courts) which can be repealed by his successor, threatening to primary the Freedom Caucus, trying to threaten Democrats to fall in line even though they're the minority party, having approval ratings you'd expect out of a fairly unpopular president near the end of their term, and letting ISPs sell your internet history.
  3. He is an authoritarian in the sense that he has gotten used to a position where he can exert his will in order to get what he wants. However, despite trying to continue that as president I can't say that he's an authoritarian president because he's been failing miserably whenever he has attempted it. Inept is the word I'd use.
  4. They totally lost the Russia controversy, that's why all of the investigations are still ongoing. But I'm sure if you keep believing that it has gone away then it really will go away. As for not understanding what this and the other elections were about... not really. I get it. The traditional left parties of the United States and Europe are trying to have their cake and eat it too in terms of promoting globalist policies and saying they still defend the working class. That has led to shrinking support for the traditional left-wing parties which has fed the rise for right-wing populism, left-wing populism, and the left-wing parties that are at least honest about their stances (eg. Liberal-Democrats in the UK). Due to that, these parties and politicians need to respond by doing a much better job of promoting their policies which help the working classes, draw a line in terms of international agreements when they severely harm the working classes of their own country, and move away from moneyed interests. That said, it is abundantly clear that the criticisms and concerns of Trump during the election were well founded. He promised things he could not deliver due to his poor understanding of government and severely overinflated negotiating abilities, he does not actually care about the working classes as shown by what few policies he has pushed, 'draining the swamp,' apparently meant filling his White House with moneyed interests and family members, he has become an international embarrassment, etc... Yet despite all the clearly seen failures and broken promises his hardcore supporters refuse to admit that these are failures or broken promises. Instead they try to shift the blame on anyone or anything else while continuing to pretend that Trump is their champion. It's a cult of personality at this point.
  5. He thought he could run the government like a business where he could threaten and bluster his way to success. Whenever he has met resistance to those tactics, by they the courts, the Freedom Caucus, or the Democrats, he ****** and whines for a while before giving up. The man is a paper tiger.
  6. You celebrate and mock the familial deaths and tragedies of others then whine when others return the favor.
  7. That they even had to campaign there, a +20 R district, says everything.
  8. Is your new job stand up comedy?
  9. I fully expect a government shutdown to happen and Trump will try to blame Democrats for it.
  10. The Republican Party is a fractured mess. Winning the White House didn't change that.
  11. This will probably just be slashing taxes for the wealthy so I'm sure the GOP will be unified on this. Hope everyone will enjoy the deficit spike this will cause.
  12. And thanks to entertainment industry tax credits many of those newcomers are liberal. :^)
  14. Trump usually lashes out and looks for a scapegoat when he knows he has ****** up. Accomplishing nothing of note during his honeymoon period is just another example.
  15. That he's threatening the Democrats to fall in line says everything you need to know about GOP unity.
  16. Regardless, he could have just let Dickey bunt Suzuki over and let him keep pitching. Instead he continued his ******* terrible situational managing and is burning through the bullpen for no ******* reason.
  17. Snitker is such a **** manager. For the love of God go outside of the organization to get his replacement and make sure Cox has zero say in the decision.
  18. And everyone wears pajamas.
  19. There is a lot to unpack from that sentence and none of it is positive.