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  1. That's an interesting argument considering employer based health insurance has been heavily subsidized by the federal government via business tax credits since the late 40s and early 50s (which, IIRC, I explained to you before). So we have the federal government subsidizing something which, in turn, subsidizes its own programs. What a strange world we live in.
  2. First off, Medicaid has its issues and reforms are needed. That or simply getting rid of it since states aren't that reliable and instead expand Medicare, which the CDC article you used to attempt to bash government run healthcare shows new Medicare patients are accepted at nearly the same rate as the privately insured. If you want to know where I'm getting my arguments from then here you go. If you want the tl;dr of it: Second, it isn't shocking that you are trying to pinpoint your argument to a singular issue of Medicaid when the original article went into detail about our government run health insurance and the universal healthcare systems of other developed countries. Ignore all points that are difficult to argue against and instead focus on the easiest thing to attack.
  3. They're roughly on par with the privately insured.
  4. You could go with the Russia angle that Russia has been wanting to pry Germany from the United States for decades. Trump is doing what he can to accomplish that. Or you could go with the petty angle, which is far more likely because it's Trump, that he just wants to punish Germany because this happened in Berlin:
  5. I'm not going to fight back over Mensch. It'd be like fighting back for Hannity.
  6. Interesting if true.
  7. I don't think Mensch needs much help with that endeavor.
  8. Sort of weird to blow the whistle on an effort to help your guy get re-elected almost four years ahead of his next election.
  9. No wonder Blair hates this guy.
  10. Fox News can't die quick enough.
  11. Flynn, Manafort, and Kushner are now all under investigation for their contacts and dealings with the Russian government.
  12. Much cheaper per capita, everyone has access to healthcare, people and families aren't at risk of going bankrupt due to costly health issues, patients are prescribed less drugs and expensive and often unnecessary scans, hospitals get paid for everyone they take care of, the population gets more preventative care, etc. But they don't get to know the freedom of having **** tier, capped health insurance from private companies. Such simpletons.
  13. The unsettling thing is that I didn't even notice the one on the far right the first time I saw this.
  14. Not bad for political suicide.
  15. How long did it take you to think of that Ossoff pun?
  16. Laura Ingraham making **** up? I'm so surprised.
  17. Except for, y'know, the FBI saying he never contacted Wikileaks.
  18. I'm content that the truth was found after every party involved retracted their claims and stories after the story was thoroughly discredited. You clearly aren't which is why you clutch to it so tightly... the truth doesn't align with what you want to believe.
  19. This poll was done before the CBO report was released.
  20. I'll venture a guess that I care more about the Rich family than the people who ignored them begging to stop pushing this ********. As for Hannity and Fox: Hannity should have been fired when he mocked a rape victim just because the accused, who were found guilty, were police officers. Instead he was retained for two more decades. Better late than never I guess (knock on wood). Also, Fox is doing more to destroy itself than decades of outside attempts have accomplished.
  21. Just summing up this saga and ending it with Hannity's flair.