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  1. He's right in a way. Most presidents do continue campaigning throughout their presidency. The big difference is that, unless it's election season, they're usually going around campaigning for legislation they want to pass to gain public support for it while Trump has never done that. Instead he's still going around like there is an election going on.
  2. You guys keep posting stuff I've seen on /r/forwardsfromgrandma.
  3. Trump is getting outmaneuvered by a rudderless ship.
  4. When a president has to campaign in a district that should be in the bag for his party then you know you have issues.
  5. After watching some of his post-draft interviews he seems to have a similar unhinged preacher vibe that Ray Lewis has.
  6. Winning to them is that liberals aren't getting what they want... but, personally speaking, even then I'm not too bent out of shape over this. So far (knock on wood) his ineptitude and the fractured nature of the GOP are helping ensure his ****** agenda doesn't have any permanence. He's just a really ******* annoying speed bump.
  7. Accomplish zero legislative promises or goals, fail spectacularly to repeal Obamacare, have three executive orders struck down in the courts (one of which his own DOJ defended by saying it was toothless), threaten to primary Freedom Caucus members when they laughed in his face when he tried to threaten them, attempt to blame any and all failures on Democrats even though they're the minority party, international relations consist of sabre rattling against North Korea, Nieto telling him to **** off when he demanded Mexico pay for the wall, and Merkel having to explain a dozen times to him that he can't have a trade deal with Germany instead of the EU, etc. I can't imagine why there isn't more positive coverage or why people think he's unfit. This isn't even taking into account the daily barrage of scandals or the very public bitching and moaning whenever something doesn't go his way.
  8. I bet the (((globalists))) did this.
  9. Apparently Trump was pumped about killing NAFTA until his advisors pointed out that it would hurt states he won the most. Now they're trying to spin this as a success for convincing Canada and Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA, even though Trudeau said months ago that he was open to it. At this point if I was Trudeau or Nieto I'd flatter him with this but drag my feet until an adult was elected in the United States.
  10. Aw man, he deleted his, "**** yeah, go Packers," tweet.
  11. Looks like someone has been purging his twitter.