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  1. Great post , thanks.
  2. Will they re-sign Freeman for 8 million a year with other players looking at getting big contracts shortly ?
  3. Don't give him any clicks , he wants the attention .
  4. What's the difference between a official mock draft and a unofficial mock draft ?
  5. I was pissed about last year's draft . Turned out well for us so I have no choice but to agree with what Quinn and TD do this year until proven otherwise .
  6. Change your user name to jerkoff and ****off.. Thank-you
  7. My concern is they pick him off alot.
  8. I have high expectations for Beasley, Neal , Jarrett ect.... But ,Akeem King and Shelby could be major difference makers. If these guys shine early, we could be contender's.
  9. Beirman 3rd on the team with 2.5 sacks lol.
  10. Mathews needs to be on the list forsure
  11. Falcons aren't winning the SB with or without him smh.
  12. I hope PFF is wrong because this is the 10 worst moves of the 2016 off season . 3. Falcons signing WR Mohamed Sanu to a five-year, $32.5 million contract The Falcons have needed a good alternative target to Julio Jones for awhile, and they seem to expect Mohamed Sanu to be that guy on the basis of the contract they handed him in free agency. However, it’s a little difficult to understand why. Over his career in Cincinnati, at least two of his five best plays are passes he threw, which is not an ideal thing to boast about your wide receiver. The Bengals were in an identical situation over the past few years of needing to find that second receiver to take pressure off A.J. Green, and gave ample opportunity to Sanu to prove he could be that guy. He responded with three straight seasons of negative grades and 22 dropped passes over that span, with just seven touchdowns from 232 targets 8. Falcons drafting Keanu Neal in the first round The NFL struggles to evaluate safeties at times. There are so many plays—particularly in college—where they are just ornamental pieces of the defense and occupy space that is never affected on the play. It can become difficult to evaluate their play soundly, and that leads to people fixating on a few highlight-reel plays they make over a season, focusing in on the “can do” aspects of their play, rather than the “how often.” Keanu Neal has multiple bone-crushing hits on his Florida tape, and his highlight reel would get anybody excited, but those plays are not indicative of his overall production, and over two seasons of PFF grading, he has never been better than average across an entire year. This past season alone, he may have made several big-impact hits, but they came at the cost of missing 16 tackles, and 43 other safeties made more defensive stops than the new Falcon.