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  1. Peppers all day. He makes everyone on the field look slow.
  2. This is by far my favorite guy to listen to on draft prospects.
  3. The rumor about us seems like smoke. If I remember the original rumor was we were trying to trade up because in front of the GMen because they wanted Willis. So, now that we can't get in front of them we just trade with them....doesn't make sense.
  4. That's my boy. Wanted him here when he came out in the draft. So glad we have him now.
  5. CBS is showing a drop from 14 to 29.
  6. Man I hope we get this guy. Just imagine what he could do.....Makes me smile just to think about it.
  7. it does, but I think Asiata and the kid from Pittsburgh will be worth a pick.
  8. Not sure if you've seen this, but the guy has a very good breakdown on Jabrill and his responsibilities in the Wolverines system. Before today I've never said a nice thing about Jabrill on this board, but now I find myself hoping he drops.
  9. I was thinking something similar to this the other day, but instead of pitting two draft picks against us they could bring Vic or Reed with them. Vic or Reed could run drills beside the draft prospect and give them a real comparison.
  10. funny how the conversation changes so much with the draft coming up in a few days. Willis and Evans now daily discussion. Two fourth rounders according to the experts....
  11. Funny, we go from no run game to an enviable run game and some people need to know who's better... I'm just happy we have both. Let the losing teams talk about which one or our RBs beat them.
  12. I should've expected this. I mean any post title that has "tard" in it is probably not headed in the right direction.
  13. I've been an Evan's fan for a while now. I've always felt that if we want him we'll have to take him in the 2nd. I'm not worried about the tackling because Quinn can teach that. What jumps out is he covers like a true CB, He drives on the play and he's always in the correct position to stop the play even if he doesn't actually stop it. The part about being in position makes him a potential diamond in the rough.