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  1. awesome read!
  2. I know nothing about the site, but this is the only one I found with the old logo
  3. He said it in an interview about a month ago. Something like - we're not currently looking at a restructure of Matt's deal to make room -
  4. Funny, I haven't heard EJuan mentioned much at all. He's a terror as a passrusher. It's odd because he's so short Olinemen have a hard time getting their hands on him. I love the guy but if he picks the wrong lane the RB is blowing by him without missing a step. Can't wait to see what he does in the NFL. Other than your first pick, I'm on board.
  5. I've been reading your posts during draft season for years and always enjoy your mocks because they are well thought out. However, I'm just not a fan of this one for the following reasons. 1. Obi - I had a crush on him for a short while too but chilled out on him and moved on to Justin Evans. Despite Obi's speed close to the line he doesn't seem like a single-high to me. In comparison to Evans he's every bit as good in the box, but not as quick to make a decisions down field, which makes Evans appear like much more of a single-high to me. Not to say Obi will be bad, I just see Evans as more in the mold of E. Thomas. 2. While I understand being enamored with the talent/potential of these guys, I just don't see us a big enough gamblers to spend the big bills of our draft at Ucon, youngstown and Villinova. I wouldn't be surprised If we took one of these dudes, but 3 seems too many to be realistic.
  6. I believe this perfectly captures how I'd react.
  7. I could see us starting with Lamp but following that up with two small school guys is not going to happen, just to much risk. Also, if Analone drops to the bottom of the 4th there may be bigger concerns with him than just injuries.
  8. Wasnt he coming in as Ulrich was coming our way. He might have insight as well. Tak in my top 3 because his skills need so much work but he still produced with the top level guys while not having near their starting experience.0
  9. "Falcons are not the only ones showing interest" .... is there a player that only we've shown interest in?
  10. "And that right there gentlemen is what they call the Cleveland Brown" Or (guy behind our scout) "I work for the Jets, I already know what an A-hole looks like" Or (skins scout) "I've filled it with this enema by my foot. Let's see how fast he runs now" Or (Falcons Scout) "I really do, I look like Adam Sandler"
  11. This all day, but with the large old logo like the other one you posted. And give me those gold helmet stripes back.
  12. Thanks Troy, good take on Harris. He's one I really have had a hard time putting my finger on. Certain plays he looks like he's the best, quickest guy in the draft. Other plays he looks like a 4th round DE, if that. I'm interested to hear more on Ryan Anderson. When I watch him I see a guy who could've been a great rusher but was asked to stay at home more since Williams was their Tasmanian devil. He's one that makes me wonder if he could be a better pro than what he showed in school.
  13. I thought I read a while back that Nike was redesigning our uni's and their release coincided with the opening of the new stadium. So, I've been wondering the same thing.
  14. Great breakdown Troy, A few questions based on where we pick. In reviewing these guys, who do you think has the most full tool belt of pass-rush moves prior to being coached up? (for me it's TJ Ward and he seems to be far ahead of the rest in what he brings to the table, in skill only.) who do you see as having the best vision? (I see about 3 with really good vision and the rest get lost on some plays, I like Tak and TJ) In watching these guys who were the 1 or 2 that jumped out at you as Game changers (our pick in mind)?
  15. Hugh Betta ask somebody!