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  1. I've been thinking about Tak, Grace and Jordan Moore and man if they all make it on the field that's a lot of extremely gifted guys trying to prove something. In the last two I could see another Brian Poole type of player rising up.
  2. hmmm, seems like a silly thing to get upset about. Falcons building a Seattle defense... Ryan playing like like Brady... Offense playing like the greatest show on turff... etc, etc, etc All these things mean we are doing great. Who cares if the non-original, non-researching and mostly aggravating media idiots parrot these things because they heard another idiot say it.
  3. Just remember that we slipped by Seattle when they softened up in 2012 and they went on a run after that as one of the toughest teams in the NFL to play against and won a ring the very next year in convincing fashion . Hopefully, we can do the same with Quinn.
  4. no need for apologies at all. Every mock draft is different and so are the players people like, I just happened to like several of their picks for a few years in a row. WR? at that time wasn't Gordon supposed to be coming off suspension soon (I don't know)? If so, maybe not taking a WR was a calculated risk on their part.
  5. This is my biggest concern. Shanny gambled on things through the year, like having Matt throw Bombs with his back foot in the endzone so that defenses were always having to play us honest or get burned. These calculated gambles IMO are what made us so dangerous, However, this gambling is also what cost us a few games. I just hope Sark can find the right balance without being conservative and predictable. Allow Matt to keep spreading the ball like he did last year and don't be predictable are the only things Sark need to do in order to look like a genius IMO.
  6. Actually yeah, it was a great draft the day after the draft was over. 122 - Without being a *****, he looked like he might be the next Drew. 235 - Looked like a solid starter for years to come. 394 - Looked like a beast 4127 - I though he was going to be the next Alford, but better. In retrospect you can say how bad it was, but after the draft they always look like they are ready to jump out of the dumpster. 1 8 Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma St Pick from MIN 1 22 Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M Pick from PHI 2 35 Joel Bitonio OT Nevada 3 71 Christian Kirksey LB Iowa 3 94 Terrance West RB Towson Pick from SF 4 127 Pierre Desir
  7. PSSSSHHHHT! Every year I'm envious of Clevelands draft...and then I remember they are where football goes to die.
  8. I'm not really offended because people say that type of thing in personal conversations all the time and with the intention of relaying a mildly racist thought, and every persons entitled to the opinions and words even if it shows ignorance. I'm just surprised that one "professional" would use the statement and another "professional" would quote it. Even with no negative/racist intent it's the type of statement your internal filter doesn't let out because it could be construed as racist.
  9. DaFuk! Should I be offended? " All those lily-white guys, when you really need them most, they curl up and hide."
  10. I think the big thing is letting Matt spread the ball out to different outlets. Shanny, as talented as he is, stepped into the perfect situation with Matt. Pre-Shanny the injuries were so many that Matt could never execute Kotters offense. Pre-Kotter everything was going to Roddy and TG. Shanny stepped into a situation where the QB was setting NFL records with 1 hand tied behind his back. Shanny took the cuffs off Matt and I don't think anyone wants to put them back on. I think the only questions is will Sark keep the masterful elements of misdirection that Shanny's play designs had.
  11. Every spot requiring power/weight would be Grady. QB/LB/WR/CB/FS/FB all played by Mo Sanu.
  12. I can't remember where I saw it but pre-draft one of the reviews on him said whoever he lines up against better bring a lunch pale because he brings the same intensity all game. I believe the same review also said that he often will win battles later in the game because he's simply exhausted the guy in front of him.
  13. How about field goals not allowed in overtime unless they are 40 yards or more? That would deter the field goal because if they miss they are giving the other team great field position. Some coaches might gamble on it because they trust their kicker but most won't.
  14. Nah, I think that's the pic TD sent to the Cowboy's after picking Takk. LOL
  15. Have to ask, what makes you think Rico will make the PB? Not hating, I like the guy. With all the people on the board labeling him "The weakest Link", I'd like to hear from a guy who really knows the X and Os why we can expect him to shine this year. Thanks