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  1. Eddie D was the reason why xBill Walsh was ousted out of San Fran that guy just couldn't leave the football operations alone and basically kiboshed the guy that made the Niners great.
  2. Well I think I'm one of the very few but I'll echo it again I'm sold on Carl Lawson bend screw it he's fast he's physical.I saw that Voch Lombardi break down on him months ago and I been sold ever since. You want an edge guy whose tough as nails and who will do a job for you man Lawson's been my guy from the jump. Ill bang the table for this guy wouldn't hesitate at 31.
  3. Marcus Williams right there where we want to pick him. Use the 3rd to go get our edge guy in the 20s.
  4. Because the Falcons are smarter than that we have 2 above average RBs right now and all we neeed to do supplement them is add a short yardage back from the 5th round down. 3 mill Coleman Freeman and if we go another big back will earn a lot less than 3 mill AP will be getting and we'll get significantly more production. The only reason a team like the Saints get AP is to sell jerseys and fill the stadium with a few splash games here in there he's not the guy he was 2-3 years ago.
  5. To be fair I think what you see on film suggests that.I think this guy has improved over his years at Bama they just ran a system that didn't suit his skill set.To me if you want a sure thing in this draft OJ Howard would be 1 of very few guys that are it. As for NFL scouts being right what am I comparing that 2 a MBer who thinks different.Yeah I can respect that but I'd take the guy doing it for a living ahead of the last mentioned.
  6. Thats why I think they are very high on Willis. To me having a look at him its all there. I think from a fans perspective its the inconsistency that does your head in about him I watched a bunch of stuff on this guy and saw really good to what the **** and so so. For me with the continued growth I'm hoping comes the consistency.
  7. Yeah Tak reminds me of KPass very similar relying on athletic traits to get the job done.To me both are very raw and need work.If we were to draft either I'm thinking we would be waiting a year before possibly bearing fruit.
  8. I think it's quite clear that they under used him there in that offense. Please don't compare Kittle to Howard it's embarrassing. If Kittle was the player Howard was he'd be getting a lot more mention and would assume a lot higher draft position. Also how does Howard play in big games when it matters C'mon man your fooling yourself with this comparison.
  9. That's very sound thought process there ether.Im with you I think they've put that exact process of thought into the Willis pick.
  10. Lol yeah I think he's a jjjjjuuuuusssttttt alittle bit better than that..
  11. Gazoo what about trade up for Howard ? Trade up has been mentioned would you lose your mind if we went up to say 15 to get OJ?
  12. While I love the idea of stretching the field at that spot. For me I want a guy's that does both as I'd like us to go run heavy in the 4th and close out games that way. I know OJ Howard isn't realistic for us but I believe going 2 and 3 TE sets to help the o-line is a thing the coaches are looking at.
  13. Good I hope we aren't one of them. I understand some like him just not me.
  14. I must be looking at different mocks as I've only ever seen him going in the late 1st I think the high 20s at the earliest.Hes not my favourite and I hope someone else takes him and we don't.
  15. OJ Howard over rated go have a look at this guy's film. For me he's nie on thee prototype TE that's made for the NFL. He blocks and is good at it he can run every route needed. He has good open field speed. Man don't be surprised if he goes in the top 10.