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  1. We didn't fall off because of that at all. It was purely a bad play calling serious that cost us that game pure and simple it had zero to do with the lackof what your talking about. We magnify one game but forget who and how we got there. I'm in know way saying we'll go up to get Reddick but I also don't rule the move out because I'm understanding how he'll be used and how much versatility he brings to the defense. How do you know Reddick wont be as good as the mentioned a lot were saying the same when we mortgaged 2 drafts for Julio.
  2. Plenty of holes can you please tell me where they are. What you mention had nothing to do with holes lack of talent or depth for losing the big game and you no it. I mean look at it DQ with 4 rookies and a bunch of 2nd year players and injuries to Clayborn Trufant Shelby all starters had enough of the mentioned to bludgeon the NFC and just lose to the best team in the modern era. So I'm not taking this post of yours seriously at all.
  3. I think they like that Garcia he plays with a bit of a mean streak apparently. I think G is going to be a watch this space udfa and the waiver wire will be something to keep an eye on.Theyll just plug guy's in and let the best start.If Im really honest with 4 out of the 5 basically coming back G isn't an issue. Your point of developing a swing tackle is on the money.Comptons hot garbage Im glad he's gone.
  4. Quite simple really because they just don't like TD lol. I never understood how you could run a team any other way but the 2 guys being joined at the hip.Just imagine it if one of those 2 guys went rogue Cleveland Oakland and Washington here we come. You spell it out every year but still jeeezzzzz..
  5. On that note though if you look at your posting on drafting and what not you do come across condescending and arrogant in some cases.I think that's what Falcon Moore is really getting at. On the side of the Williams point I'm in agreement I'd have him over Maye Baker or whoever was the available option at 31 if we chose the FS route.
  6. Fantasy Island. The plane The plane.
  7. I actually think Reddick has more value than any LBer in the draft.He isn't just a WILL backer in this scheme you could use him all over the shop and I think that's DQs attraction to him. Im telling you now when the Falcons have certain players for private workouts you can best believe there more than interested.
  8. That's interesting as I see him head and shoulders over Watt because of what I've mentioned. If you have a look at the roster especially defensively upfront versatility is a must.I believe that's what DQ wants so he can mix and match his combos regarding an opponent to exploit matchups. The G and DT draft class this year isn't strong so even going back to the Poe signing is huge for us.As he really is the only specialist upfront.Everyone else can play a multitude of positions.
  9. I still don't know I'd get those picks though mate and ts to hypothetical to use that as a comparison if I swapped 1s and traded my 2 this year and got this years 3 I still get Reddick and either FS depth or possibly G depth with my 3 this year. Ask your self this would you take Reddick scheme versatility over Watt at Leo that's the question I'm asking.
  10. Highest I'd go 15-18 area. Cost without looking at any trade up boards swap 1s a 3 and a 2 next year.
  11. I do to and I'm not a trade up guy either. But I like the fit.DQ and TD like the fit or they wouldn't have worked him out .It wouldn't surprise me at all if we went and got this guy.
  12. Vandy bro it's the talent and the amount of roles he could for fill within this defense.If you have a look at his tape and the athletic measurables he adds up Bro. You know aswell as I know DQ will know how to use him and you can best believe after having a private workout with DQ that the Falcons are more than interested. I gotta think that if they do and are looking at moving to grab Reddick it could well be on the table.
  13. I would sacrifice a pick next year if we had to go where your thinking Dawg.
  14. Lol well you well know who I like hahahaha it isn't Tim it was Carl but now it's Haason lol man I'm swayed but I think I've settled on Reddick... For Now ....
  15. If he sniffs the 20s and I'm TD I'm moving up to get the best fit for the Falcons. Carl Lawson was my favourite for the Falcons this whole off season but I've now been swayed I've seen what Reddick could potentially make this defense look like.I want him in a Falcons uniform.