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  1. Good luck yeah but I'm not feeling it. Should have stuck with rugby.If he got lost at that he should have came down to our neck of the woods if he wanted too get better at that.
  2. Lol I take issue with those 49er numbers because us Falcons h pled them get there in a big way.Im pretty sure Jerry Rice loved playing the Falcons hahahaha. Much like Jaws made LTs career. Put the numbers up all you like I'm not feeling it.I think we'll be good but top 10 all time good nah.
  3. It's just a big ask is all. I'm not expecting this to happen. If we are in the top 5 with a top 10 defense across the board I think the team will be better. More balance is what I'm looking for and as above the team will be better for it.
  4. In the history of the NFL how many teams have rolled out back to back top 10 offense numbers of all time? I just think having those expectations is alittle unrealistic is all. To me it won't matter tooo much as I see this team's defense moving a lot closer to the offense not one carrying the other like for the most part last year.
  5. To be honest man I didn't even know who this guy was in rugby circles lol. Had to google him. Seriously though he won't do much the idea you can pull a guy out of a sport and fire him into the NFL was debunked with the Hayne failed experiment. Nothing to read here folks hahahaha. He'd probably be lucky too make a NZ Super rugby team yeah move on.
  6. I think it's a huge ask to put up numbers like we did last year. What were they top 8 all time. Yeah not seeing it myself it won't matter too much though as that defense of ours will be a lot better I'm thinking that'll mean the offense won't need to put up a 32 + a game.
  7. Very clever sand prevents injury also. Low impact.
  8. That's a Carolina problem not ours though he looks like an o-lineman in this pic.Im more focused on us than anyone else.
  9. Wow wouldn't have guessed that. As for Matt pay da man.I can't remember the last time that cat missed a game.
  10. He's gonna be here for a longtime ladies and gents may aswell get used to it. Gotta say now I'm still wondering how we did so well with Sackmaker as Matts blindside for 4 years I mean 6 I mean argh when he wasn't hurt.
  11. How can we have the best duo when both are overpaid says a percentage of peeps on this forum. Now there the best tandem in the league nnnnnoooooo how can that be.
  12. Love it. We're on a mission this year it's just got that feel to it.
  13. Annnnnnnnd that's all folks.
  14. Exactly it we lived and died by the sword. I'm over it nothing we can do can turn it back it's a missed opportunity I get that but I'm excited as **** for this team going foward.
  15. Fair enough in my eyes so he's in the top tier of GMs then.