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  1. Ouch, and talk about somebody whose poll numbers have plummeted. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R - Wisconsin) CBS News Poll. March 25-28, 2017. N=1,088 adults nationwide. Margin of error ± 4. . "Do you approve or disapprove of the way Paul Ryan is handling his job as speaker of the House of Representatives?" . Approve Disapprove Unsure/ No answer . % % % . 3/25-28/17 33 52 15 . 1/7-10/16 30 29 41
  2. They already are. If it sinks down towards the 30% level, you might start hearing some openness to impeachment. It's going to take serious evidence of wrong-doing by Trump, but that low of an approval rating for a new president is unprecedented.
  3. Insightful. With fact-based commentary like that, how can anybody not accept your claims?
  4. Yep, and unlike the last time that Gallup showed a new low, this one is part of a week-long downward trend in his approval ratings: http://pollingreport.com/djt_job1.htm I don't believe that Obama's approval rating in the Gallup poll ever got down to 35%. The biggest drop in approval has been among independents, but there's still been a 5-7% drop in approval among Republicans.
  5. Want to see the statistics to back up my claim? Do you have evidence to contradict my claim?
  6. Republicans need to figure out that people were opposed to Ryan's plan because it went too far. Right now, too many Republicans think the opposition was because it didn't go far enough in dismantling the legislation.
  7. I just think it's time for both parties to tell their fringe bases to STFU and focus instead on governing instead of trying to appease the most radical, ideologically extreme fringes for short-term political gain.
  8. I agree with the first part...the filibuster needs to go. I've been saying that for years. But I don't agree that it's a win for the Democrats either way. It's a pretty dumb strategy for the Dems, actually. It's a choice between Gorsuch getting confirmed and keeping the filibuster for the next round (knowing that the GOP could end it then, but would be on much less solid ground) and Gorsuch getting confirmed and losing the filibuster. The latter hands the GOP an even bigger win. Personally, I want to see the filibuster ended completely. I just think this is a dumb hill to make a stand on.
  9. What the base wants isn't what is best for the long-term prospects of the party. The GOP is proving that right now. You get a bunch of people elected whose only justification is that they'll fight everything the GOP wants and in a few years you'll have a Democratic majority that isn't ready to govern.
  10. For the last time? Just give it up over a nominee that 1. Is unquestionably qualified and 2. Won't change the balance on the Court.
  11. Also, the Democratic argument about the filibuster and Gorsuch is freaking weak sauce. "A nominee who cannot get 60 votes should not get confirmed." Nevermind that the reason he can't get 60 votes is because the minority party decided to oppose him en mass. In other words..."If a nominee cannot convince us to vote for him despite us deciding to vote against any nominee whomever it might be, then he should not get confirmed." Weak *** argument.
  12. Given how desperate the GOP is, do you really think they're not going to change the rules to allow a simple majority vote? And in doing that, they give the GOP an even bigger win on Gorsuch.
  13. And the decline continues: The decline in Trump’s approval rating was sharper among Republicans and independents than among Democrats. In the latest survey, 81 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of independents approve of the job Trump is doing. A week prior, 85 percent of GOP voters and 44 percent approved. And among those who self-identified as Trump voters last year, the president’s approval rating shrunk from 90 percent last week to 84 percent this week. Voters aren’t very assured that Trump will be able to get things done in the White House, the poll shows. Only 26 percent say they are “very confident” in his ability to serve as president, with another 21 percent saying they are “somewhat confident.” But 13 percent are “not too confident,” and 36 percent aren’t “at all” confident. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/donald-trump-health-care-poll-236620 Keep in mind that this POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is one that typically has higher levels of approval for Trump than other polls.