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  1. I'll tell you when next February rolls around.
  2. Good thing we're holding on to our defensive backs.
  3. I wanted the same exact thing. Lol
  4. What's Brian Brohm up to these days?
  5. Why this guy? Jeez, terrible just like having Morris coach the WRs... oh wait, that turned out fine. Relax.
  6. Remember when some people were high on trading TRU?
  7. Do y'all think weatherspoon is worth keeping for vet minimum?
  8. Maybe we need new jersey's to go along with our new stadium... perhaps wipe away the stench of collapse.
  9. For once I won't blame the defense. Run the ball, get in field goal range, bleed the clock... why is this still an issue?
  10. I didn't because I expected it, we lost momentum and they gained it. When they won the OT coin toss I knew it was over.
  11. It has been an anxiety filled week/wait. This team is something special, and I think we're gonna surprise some people come Sunday. Rise Up brothers and sisters, we've been waiting for this moment.
  12. When it comes to hats, I only buy '47 Brand. I don't like the fit, feel, or styles New Era or others have.
  13. I ordered a black longsleeved NFC Champions shirt from the NFL shop, got a women's black V-neck instead. Thanks fanatics, so glad they took over the NFLs online ordering.
  14. I hate this week. So much time for nonstories and stupidity.