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  1. I wonder if they brought Swanson up too early.
  2. So... when do we start seeing Ruiz and Albies.
  3. Hawks offense vanished in the 4th quarter, and they've been turning over like crazy.
  4. I wish the Texans could get the Oilers name and uniform back, it would only seem right.
  5. Me after the first game of the season. What do I know.
  6. I'll tell you when next February rolls around.
  7. Good thing we're holding on to our defensive backs.
  8. I wanted the same exact thing. Lol
  9. What's Brian Brohm up to these days?
  10. Why this guy? Jeez, terrible just like having Morris coach the WRs... oh wait, that turned out fine. Relax.
  11. Remember when some people were high on trading TRU?