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  1. For most people, I'd agree with you. Snake is exempt for all the reasons we already know about.
  2. Says the dude that started this thread just to spite another poster.
  3. I'll just leave this here...
  4. So in short, never trust a Doberman.
  5. Dont know much about Dobermans as a breed but I am a dog owner. And as a dog owner, I know if my dog has the propensity to attack another or if it doesn't. People should be more responsible.
  6. Let me guess... "I've never seen Maccabee be aggressive, ever!!" Charge the parents with murder. That's what really needs to happen. Make the owners personally responsible for their dogs' aggression.
  7. I don't believe his daughter should benefit above the victims family, no. She shouldn't have to pay his debts. But actually receive a monetary benefit instead of that money going to the victims family? Nope.
  8. No, that isn't what I think. First of all, I don't even know who the "their" in his post is referring to. He is unmarried. Should be easy to delineate what was his. I do believe every dollar in his bank account should go to his victim's family.
  9. Is she somehow more deserving of the money than the person/people that her father killed?
  10. The civil action wouldnt stop with his death. They just sue the estate instead.
  11. Every dollar that dude ever earned should go to his victims family. His fortunatel demise shouldn't stop that from happening.
  12. You all are trying to understand the mindset of a murderer. A murderer that had everything he could want in his professional life. The dude was a nut job. Don't analyze it. Just be thankful taxpayers won't have to pay for his prison cell any more.
  13. Easy there. I totally disagree with a lot of what you're saying in this thread. I was just answering one question about where the ticket purchases were coming from.
  14. It wasn't season ticket holders. It was ticket purchases for 2012.