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  1. I asked if Trump was aware. Even still, it doesn't implicate Trump in any wrongdoing whatsoever. There is zero evidence Trump colluded with Russia on anything. Flynn's discussions with Russia appear to have been about post presidential policy, not throwing the election to Trump. And Manafort's correspondence while unknown, ended before the election.
  2. That link specifically says Trump was not aware of the lobbying, and says nothing of Trump knowing about Flynn's contact with Russia.
  3. He said in his news conference that the FBI had not yet complied with the March 15 committee letter.
  4. He fired him for lying to Pence. Do you have evidence that he knew Flynn was lobbying foreign governments?
  5. I think the Russia thing is a legitimate story. That said, there's been absolutely no connection to Trump himself yet. There's certainly smoke around Flynn and Manafort but even then, Trump handled both of them pretty convincingly by firing them. So while it's a story, I don't think it's as big as the media has played it up to be. We have leaks from the intellegence community that are clearly aimed at undermining the President. Trump and Republicans have every reason right now to dismantle the NSA and CIA from the top down. That's a huge story, in my opinion.
  6. Not exactly. He briefed POTUS because the intel they had on him had absolutely nothing to do with Russia. He said that in the presser.
  7. To the last point, he said there was nothing about Russia in the records, so why keep them unless they were damaging to Trump in some other way? Why werent all names scrubbed as per the law? To me this goes back to the Intellegence leaks. We have some very high individuals leaking classified info, and the press couldn't care less. To me, that's the real story here.
  8. He said they were "likely" legal. He also said that while they were likely legal, they were "disturbing" referencing why non-pertinent correspondence was being documented.
  9. Things he definitely did not do.
  10. The IT guys at Vanguard would hack people's IRA accounts for a dollar.
  11. I'd be ok with this. A good example would be GM holding out on a safety recall that cost people their lives.
  12. Eliminate it to get the politics out of it, then let a bunch of politicians decide what should be protected?
  13. I'd need some better examples as to why the EPA needs to be eliminated. There are certainly some issues there, but eliminating it seems like a ridiculous overreaction. What it needs are the politics taken out of it.
  14. 78% of car involved accident are from the front.
  15. Personally, I'm on board with knowing what's in my food.