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  1. You are trying too hard. Twice now youve tried to insinuate that I was trying to distance him from being a Trump supporter when I literally said it in my post about Bernie.
  2. I hope you don't try this hard with the ladies.
  3. He was a "passionate Bernie supporter" that later supported, but didn't vote for Trump.
  4. Linking this to Trump? Really? This puts you into the same boat with snake, where he blames Obama for murders in Chicago.
  5. 1. We pay twice as much for a litany of reasons. We're unhealthier. We have astronomical end of life care which is largely unnecessary. We have upwards of 30% of the population that pays nothing for their care so they have no vested interest in keeping costs down. The copay based system also does nothing to keep costs down. I've not heard anything you've suggested that will change those problems. The high cost of health care isn't just going to health insurance companies. 2. Raise taxes...on who? I've only seen suggestions from liberals that the rich should pay more. Should the rich just pay for everything? 5. Drug companies aren't exactly killing it. Less than 5% net profits last time I checked. There are a few bad apples out there that abuse the system but we aren't talking about "obsecene" profits. If Apple had Pfizer's profits they'd fire Tim Cook immediately.
  6. 1.It worked for retooling the manufacturing apprenticeship, it will surely work for 20+% of the US economy. Let's do it! 2. Medicaid reimburses at a rate 40% less than Medicare. Add 40% to the cost of Medicaid, and is it still viable? Medicare is currently operating at huge losses. Is that really what you want to hang your hat on? 3. Medicare is not optional over the age of 65. You are autoenrolled. The private insurance market for individuals over that age is nonexistent outside of supplemental policies. 4. I didn't say they were all owned by the government. I said they were integrated. Glad you brought up Germany. They pay 8% of gross income into a fund for health insurance and everyone pays. If that's what we did here in the US, where everyone pays something, I think you'd find more support for it. 5. The US accounts for over 40% of all global research and development. I didn't say we are the only country. I said we're by far the biggest. Cut our R&D by half to what Germany's is (percent of GDP) and see what happens.
  7. Why do we need to look at other countries? We have a great example of government run healthcare right here. And it's absurd to discuss Medicare. For one, it operates at a loss. Two, it doesn't fully compete against private insurance. In fact, it has a monopoly on everyone over 67. Discussing other countries and focusing solely on the payment side is silly. Their systems are integrated with hospitals and government together. Their training process for doctors and nurses are vastly different. And of course, they benefit from the 8 billion pound gorilla, US, from our investment in research.
  8. They aren't. I didn't think you'd be intellectually honest. You didn't let me down. Medicaid patients are poorer and sicker than the general population so it's unrealistic to say that they should be on par health wise with the general population. Here's a good article on why Medicaid even works in this country. You can't even accept that without private insurance, Medicaid costs would be substantially higher.
  9. This is why I can't even have a simple discussion with you. You'd ask for proof that 50 is less than 100. Aside from what's covered and what isn't, which is impossible to measure since private insurance is all over the board but again has arguably far more coverage than Medicaid. We can compare simple access to care as the most obvious point where Medicaid loses. 68% access to new doctors on Medicaid, vs 84% for private insurance.
  10. Just curious, are Medicaid recipients healthier than the population as a whole?
  11. It's a simpleton's stance (Yglesias statement). Of course government run health insurance is cheaper. Quality is worse, too. But....Cheaper!
  12. Goldman leaders have been in the Whitehouse for years.
  13. What the **** is cash welfare?
  14. Looks like Jon Snow chokes out Littlefinger at some point.
  15. Trump touches FISA and people will scream obstruction against his own investigation.