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  1. They should change their name to the "Vaders." They wouldn't even need to change their colors, just have a Darth Vader decal on their helmets. The Las Vegas Vaders sounds awesome. Of course, they would have to pay Disney a pretty penny for the naming rights.
  2. My favorite: "Spotted those a-holes 3.5 hours."
  3. In the Super Bowl!!! Bring him on!!
  4. GB gonna blow this game??
  5. Matthews grabbed air
  6. We might be going to Dallas
  7. What would be your total points guess in the Dallas/GB game?
  8. I will be in section 352 cheering loudly and hoping for a Falcons win! Who else is going to the game?
  9. I wonder why Jeff George, Ray Edwards, and Ed Hartwell weren't there. Man, I miss them lol
  10. Exactly! Rodgers is one h*ll of a qb
  11. I thought that defense wins championships.........not in this game!