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  1. Yes, OL depth is my biggest worry. The likelihood of the same 5 OL starting all 16 regular season games is very low. The roster is stacked in several places, but OL is the weakest area on the team. Starting RG and backup OT are two positions of absolute need. Hopefully a solid RG is already on the roster. Hard to see how a good backup OT is already here.
  2. Yeah, can't moan about the Falcons losing Tamme and ignore Blount no longer being with Pats. I do think New England had a solid offseason, but i ain't worried about any AFC team. The key for the Falcons is repeating that 5-1 NFCS record. Do that (or better) and everything will work out fine.
  3. Nah. That #1 pick resulted in a playoff win at Green Bay (very rare) one year and an NFCCG appearance in another. Aundray Bruce was a #1 pick that got ATL none of that. For all the negatuve media coverage Vick got for his crimes, not much of that ended up sticking to the Falcons. The lucrative profits in #7 jersey sales helped offset what he cost the team (other than his contract, which the Ws mentioned above count toward).
  4. I actually had this thought at halftime. iirc, the stat they showed at the end of the 2nd qtr 42 offensive plays for NE vs 17 for ATL. When i saw that, i said, "uh oh, that's not good. Can't sustain that imbalance in the 2nd half." TOP is sometimes overblown as a key to victory. But it can also be undervalued by OCs whose vision is too short-sighted. Yes, points matter more than plays. But cumulatively, such an imbalance is a recipe for exhaustion, injury, and late-game collapses.
  5. Backup LB, ST starter. His speed and aggressiveness fit what DQ wants on the roster. Nice UDFA pickup
  6. I'm interested to see how the 2017 Falcons perform on the road. That is the true measure of how good a team is, imo. ATL looked GREAT beating Seattle and Green Bay at home. Whether the Falcons are ready to play that well away from MBS will be measured this year.
  7. The numbers are meant to "make the final score equal." Thus, the team with the minus ( - ) is the favorite and the team with the plus ( + ) is the underdog. So when it shows Falcons (-6.5) that means that if you bet on the Falcons, you are predicting ATL to win by more than 6.5 points (i.e., at least 7). When it shows Bears (+4.5) it means a person betting on Chicago wins as long as CHI doesnt lose by 5 or more points.
  8. Great insights from Quinn. I am thrilled he's the HC and am excited about the upcoming season. I don't get how someone gets paid as a writer and doesn't know the difference between "passed" and "past." The casserole "gets passed" around the table at dinner, one "gets past" the trauma of allowing the opponent to score the winning TD in overtime.
  9. 3 of the top 10 offenses are in the NFCS? Interesting
  10. He doesn't have to 'replace' Rico. Depth isn't just about having DL to rotate. Being able to have quality backups is crucial in a sport where hardly any starter plays every snap of every game.
  11. That second list made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Point well made.
  12. Not sure how many you need...if you just need a single ticket, i have two season tix and would gladly have you be my guest at a game.
  13. fwiw, i was told just the opposite in my PSL meeting...asked the samekind of detailed questions as you mention and was told "Bama vs _______" kickoff classic would not be a game i had special access to as a PSL STH. The guy i talked to was fairly blunt, said basically if it's an event they strongly believe would sell out, we would not get a PSL shot at. That's why i was so upset - it's a user fee, not a PERSONAL SEAT LICENSE. And now that they are selling PSLs at a reduced rate from they originally said they would, it just adds insult to injury.
  14. Three reasons i think 11-5 is more likely than 14-2: 1) tough schedule in terms of teams (@NE, @SEA) and a badly timed BYE week (too early) 2) new OC - Shanahan's first year was bumpy, i expect some inconsistencies as Sarkisian gets familiar with his new job 3) OL injuries. It would be a miracle to duplicate last year's 16 starts by the same 5. And OL is now the one area of the team with the least depth. The Super Bowl showed the dropoff from starters to backups, and it's not clear at all that the team has gotten better in that department. I'm not even counting the usual hangover that the SB losing team has, but i do think a lot of folks are too dismissive of that factor. Like i said, i think this team will be more likely to win a road playoff game in 2017 than they were in 2016, but i expect they'll have to. Until the OL injuries in the SB, everything fell perfectly for ATL leading up to that - grabbing the 2nd seed, GB beating Dallas...my guess is the Falcons won't catch all those breaks in 2017. But I'm confident they won't need 'em.
  15. That combo of a front office that knows how to acquire the talent the coaches want + a coaching staff that can develop talent is THE key to sustained success. If we have what we think we have, the next 3-5 years are gonna be a LOT of fun to be a Falcons fan. It's 'bout danm time!