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  1. Yeah, it's insane for the QB to play well and the Offense stumble like they did (relatively speaking). OL struggled in the 2nd half. And it was Freeman's whiff on the block that led to the sack-fumble that turned the game around (just a punt that made New England drive the field would have been enough, smdh).
  2. Yes, Jake had a terrible game. The pick six masked what was an inconsistent offensive performance. For what was one of the top Offenses in NFL history, 21 points was subpar.
  3. Yes. Dallas lost Super Bowl V and returned to win Super Bowl VI, with Miami losing Super Bowl VI and returning to win Super Bowl VII. btw, I'll predict same as last season, 11-5. Beating division opponents will be crucial to repeating as NFCS winners. Need to go 5-1 again.
  4. The moment it was clear there were no penalty flags on the overtime TD, i changed the channel and went into my DVR recordings, deleting all of the Super Bowl programming i had recorded that day, incliding the game. Watch my team commit the greatest collapse in NFL history? No thanks.
  5. Very true. So now we know that the Falcons can break with history in a bad way.
  6. Buffalo is the last team to lose a Super Bowl and win their conference the next year (as we all know, they accomplished that feat three times, never winning the final game). It's been more than 40 years since a team gained redemption in the next season after losing the Super Bowl. Dallas lost Super Bowl V and won Super Bowl VI. Interestingly, Miami was the loser in Super Bowl VI and won VII. Of course that doesn't mean Atlanta can't do it. But 40+ years does show that merely defending the conference championship is really difficult. What would be your reaction if Atlanta pulls a Buffalo and repeats as NFC champs but loses the Super Bowl again? Would you rather your team come up short in the big game two consecutive years or not have to deal with that trauma and have them lose before the Super Bowl?
  7. Nothing gives me solace about that loss. Teams that had the lead the Falcons had were 93-0 in the playoffs. 93-0! I am encouraged about the young Defense (which actually played better than the Offense in the Super Bowl, relative to their experience and the expectations). When was the last time a team lost the Super Bowl and returned the next season? It hasnt happened very often. 2017 will show what kind of mental make up the team has. Going to be difficult playing the entire season with the burden that regardless of much you win or how good you look doing it, you won't get any respect until you win the last game of the season.
  8. Agreed, although the luck with avoiding injuries was all on Offense. The D lost several key players for extended time. Hopefully any regression to the mean on Offense will be balanced on Defense.
  9. The only words that will EVER make up for the WORST COME-FROM-AHEAD-LOSS IN NFL PLAYOFF HISTORY will be Coach Quinn turning to Commissioner Goodell and saying, "Thank you, Commissioner, I accept this Lombardi Trophy on behalf of the Falcons players, coaches, employees, and fans who have persevered so that we could all enjoy this moment."
  10. I turned the channel the moment it was clear there were no flags and the TD in overtime would count. And until March 1, I didn't watch or read any sports-related anything. It was the only way I could think of for dealing with the trauma. Today is my first day back on TATF. Gonna spend the weekend catching up on the good threads from the last few weeks.
  11. lol, that's the biggest understatement in the history of the franchise.
  12. Thank you so much for posting these!
  13. Bill, like Deniro, would also appreciate many of the Falcons female fans.
  14. Much better as a gunner on the kick team than as a returner, but ATL is much higher ranked in punt returns than TATF criticism would lead one to believe. Just hold onto the ball wherever and whenever you catch it. New England won't win if they don't cause turnovers.
  15. Winning the a super bowl is literally the ONLY thing Saints fans have to hang their hat on. Falcons lead the series, have the biggest margin of victory W in the series, have won more division titles, played in more NFCCs, and won more NFCCs (thus playing in more Super Bowls). Once ATL wins a Super Bowl, they will have ZERO to crow about.