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  1. Thanks for reposting this, i missed it in the previous thread and it's great news! For a team with an early bye, this is a fantastic counterbalance.
  2. That means getting a starter-quality TE in the 3rd or 4th should be very possible. Which is great because it allows the Falcons to get the DL/OL help early and still get a good TE.
  3. Short-yardage Success
  4. Has there been any public mention of Charlton working out with the Falcons? I realize the workout is not always known about beforehand and/or i may have just missed it.
  5. i.e., an OL
  6. I really want to see a clean 8-0 home record. The new stadium should be rocking all year. Important to establish a strong home field advantage. If ATL can tcb at home, 12-4 is the floor.
  7. Yep, this is the reason. Just checked the other NFCS teams - Saints play 4 of last 5 vs NFCS, Bucs play last 4 of 6 (and last 3 in a row) vs division.
  8. The division ending seems to be a common theme. Espn was just showing the miami schedule, 4 of the last 5 vs AFCE.
  9. Functionally, move back 23 spots to end up with 2 1st rounders next year...picks 54, 63, and 95 in the first hundred picks of 2017 draft...interesting trade...if DQ thinks he can get the players he needs with 54-63-95, it's a great deal for the Falcons.
  10. Finally get a game #3 at home, it's been awhile.
  11. If the 2017 draft consisted of nothing but DL and OL picks, i wouldn't be upset.
  12. Nah, the other one - Northside, Warner Robins
  13. Robert Davis is an alum of my high school, Northside. Excited that his talent is being recognized.
  14. Evaluating as many as they can before the draft, hoping they can spend #31 on a defensive playmaker rather than the best OG on the board.
  15. I thought the Neal pick last year revealed a lot about DQ's approach... Nearly everyone considered Neal a reach at that spot in the 1st, but he was the highest player on DQ's list at a position DQ prioritized. I expect the same kind of 1st pick this year. The question is which position does DQ have as the highest priority: DE, LB, OG, FS? The only thing I'm sure of is that, after the last two drafts, I'm not going to complain about whomever they pick.