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  1. Tom Brady's lost SB jersey is the MVP of the offseason.
  2. 8 picks in the first 2 rounds of the next two far. Imagine what we could do with that...
  3. 2020 they should be in the SB. Good grief, give me GM with those picks and i can at the very least guarantee playoffs!
  4. I like this signing. He's a natural pass-rushing DE. Size and length and speed are all good. Under DQ this guy could motor. I'm not making any predictions, **** he could be released #1 from mini-camp. I'm just saying i really like the signing after watching his highlight videos. In this scheme he could over-achieve.
  5. Same here. I expect our division to make some splashes, like D. Jackson to Tampa. It's no biggie. They are forced to try to improve by spending dollars. All we need to do is resign our core players, and fortify in the draft. Free agency will be the bargain bin, as usual. But this time, it makes sense.
  6. Lighten up, Francis... The march is thataway -------->
  7. The name of a band i played in back in the early 90's.
  8. Take care, bro.
  9. Only thing that sucks is Tampa is right on our azz. There is no cushion at this point. Can't really afford to let everyone rest at the expense of the season.
  10. We win. 27 - 24 I don't think Seattle can handle all our offensive weapons. Not for 4 qtrs, anyway.
  11. Amen.
  12. I've noticed some of Matts favorite plays from the past mixed in there. I'm pretty sure there was some kinda happy median found in camp. But still, some great play calling by Shanahan so far this season. And Matt looks comfortable with Mack anchoring the line.
  13. We had 2 interceptions including a pick6, but were only credited for 1 sack. It was really 3 sacks, but Cam gets away with being tagged as a runner on the modern day stats. He was hurried and harrassed all day till he hit the showers.
  14. Julio is the best in the league. Argue it if you wish. Won't change my mind.
  15. You must be cray cray. Alford is the heart and soul of the "second stringers", as you consider him. Collins will only move Alford to a couple different roles, he'll still be a huge part of our D. Hopefully!