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  1. I say Fournette, he's a rare talent and a franchise RB... They have another pick 12 to get a QB... they have a million picks in 3years. They have to hit on a couple. Fournette is safe.
  2. Alex Mack... Any man that can do the job that he has to do at the level of which he does it, deserves a "kick- it" day. Drinks on me...
  3. How many OLBs do we have? Remember, DQ loves to cross-train. We have a number of DE/OLBs. Reed and Beasley are ones that come to mind. I'm thinking we will add D Camp to that mix a little this year as well.
  4. All I was thinking... With Peerless Price being the biggest. He got paaaaaaaaid to do absolutely nothing!
  5. Naaaaah... I like the toughness these guys play with. Alford is a competitor with a reasonable contract... No need! I think I enjoy Julio eating him up "too much" to side with him....
  6. Wish I could give this mock 1 million likes... I started a thread post SB asking if Nick Mangold could be our free agent pick up to strengthen our Right Guard spot... I got jumped on. Didn't seem like a great idea to many, but great centers are good guards. Period!!!
  7. He's going to be a Falcon!!!! Let's go...
  8. Sarks FBs are actually HBacks/TEs. We carry 4 which made that position a little obsolete. And if for one second, you are one that feels the backup QB is not as or least valuable than the FB position in the NFL.... GOD bless your football soul, smh...
  9. We will probably draft 2 and resign wheeler/spoon... They are cheap vets that know the system.
  10. Manuel is definitely an improvement over that other guy we had as DC... #inquinnwetrust #additionbysubtraction
  11. We are young enough... We stay put and draft for depth/ competition. In win now mode, you fill needed plugs with vets to compliment and keep the train moving. OG and OLB/EDGE could use vets... If the rumors of moving Campbell down to EDGE are true, then you go get your OLB replacement. #riseup #back4the1sttime
  12. Happy Birthday...
  13. In order for us to repeat, I believe we do. Can't do the same thing... DCs will adjust. They can't cover us, so they will come after us. Mark my words on that.
  14. Everyone is looking at DLine as a priority going into the off season, but my Intuition tells me that OL will be our focus. Yeah, we will go get some LBs and an Edge, but we need OL vet and Depth.
  15. Although there are some Guard options out there... I see that the Jets are about to release him and he's had some up and downs these past couple of years. I've always liked the way that he played the game... Seems like offensively, that right guard spot needs to be upgraded. What are we doing to make sure we have the best OLine in the league?