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  1. You're saying that Jabrill couldn't be a ball hawk? He was Mr everything for Michigan... Just look at both films... The ONLY difference is peppers playing in the box more. That is only because of the evolution of the game... Film don't lie. Look at Reed's then check out Pepper's
  2. Jabrill Peppers is Ed Reed 2.0 Their films are very similar. Their style, speed, awareness, and play making ability... All similar. Don't get caught up in the where does he play talk, he's a play maker... Especially with the ball in his hands.
  3. 13 minute highlight film.... That is a lot of highlights... Means we had a darn good year and the best has yet to come. WE RISE again!!!
  4. I completed a similar mock, but it was a "LORD, GOD is a FALCON fan MOCK" we stayed out with no trades and into our laps were... 1 TE OJ Howard Alabama 2 DE/OLB Tyus Bowser Houston 3 DB Cameron Sutton Tennessee 4 DT Dalvin Tomlinson Alabama 5 OLB Jalen Reeves Maybin Tennessee 7 OG Jessamen Dunker Tennessee State Some hellified depth there...
  5. This is very commendable... love it! Give back. Some very famous receivers coaching in GA... Peter "#9 not #80" Warrick coaches at Langston Hughes HS in Fairburn GA...
  6. I'd rather take my chances resigning Poe!!! That's a great gamble... Julio just happened to pan out. Julio's don't come year in and year out. There are a couple of extremely talented players in the draft... We can stand pat and fill holes where we need them with the picks we do have. No need to make a desperation trade anymore.
  7. No need to trade quality CBs in a pass happy league. If we trade one and lose one to an unfortunate injury, we'd have the worst or oldest defensive backfield in the league. Continue to stockpile talent and develop it...
  8. I say Fournette, he's a rare talent and a franchise RB... They have another pick 12 to get a QB... they have a million picks in 3years. They have to hit on a couple. Fournette is safe.
  9. Alex Mack... Any man that can do the job that he has to do at the level of which he does it, deserves a "kick- it" day. Drinks on me...
  10. How many OLBs do we have? Remember, DQ loves to cross-train. We have a number of DE/OLBs. Reed and Beasley are ones that come to mind. I'm thinking we will add D Camp to that mix a little this year as well.
  11. All I was thinking... With Peerless Price being the biggest. He got paaaaaaaaid to do absolutely nothing!
  12. Naaaaah... I like the toughness these guys play with. Alford is a competitor with a reasonable contract... No need! I think I enjoy Julio eating him up "too much" to side with him....
  13. Wish I could give this mock 1 million likes... I started a thread post SB asking if Nick Mangold could be our free agent pick up to strengthen our Right Guard spot... I got jumped on. Didn't seem like a great idea to many, but great centers are good guards. Period!!!
  14. He's going to be a Falcon!!!! Let's go...
  15. Sarks FBs are actually HBacks/TEs. We carry 4 which made that position a little obsolete. And if for one second, you are one that feels the backup QB is not as or least valuable than the FB position in the NFL.... GOD bless your football soul, smh...