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  1. Yea, the tape on those guys is good but not amazing, you know? If we draft a guard in the first, I want a dude that has tape that blows me away. I'm just saying, even Wes's tape had me like, woooow on a some plays. Didn't get a ton of that from these guards even though they have plenty of tape out.
  2. LOL! Man that sounds like the worst! LOL! Quinn knows exactly what he wants this team to look like. The man has a vision. We are gonna get a stud edge rusher... Heck, we may even contemplate moving up, as most of our positions have been spoken for. I doubt it happens, but we do have a little more flexibility to do so if a guy we really want is there in the late teens/early twenties...
  3. Gotta trust the process KOG. TD and company have been doing an unbelievable job the last few years in adding talent from the draft. These moves make it look as if we are going to draft the majority of our players this year, if not all, on the defensive side of the ball. I really see no reason to jump high for a guard at this point. Wes dang near beat Chester out last year (he looked better in pass pro all preseason), so I would totally be ok not drafting one at all. We may draft a swing tackle prospect late, but that remains to be seen. Also, with this being the fastest TE class to ever come out, wouldn't surprise me one bit if we took one. One thing is for sure though, we will add EDGE talent. That's a fact...
  4. Yep, 27 reps annnnnnnnnd almost 35 inch arms!
  5. Absolutely KOG, I agree. If it were me, I would strongly consider both to be on the roster. Dude is a freak also to be so big. Coleman is undeniably the more agile and versatile of the 2 IMO. Plus I already have in my head, "Coleman blocking for Coleman" LOL.
  6. On to the Thornton signing... Totally think this is a good, low risk signing with plenty of upside. His measurables compare very well with Dion Dawkins (3rd ranked guard on a lot of boards for this draft). Thornton was a little more polished coming out though. He's has had a rough start to this career with injuries, but provides NFL starter experience. Plus he's a fighter with the "grit" all of us know Quinn loves. I mean this guy's mother and sister was murdered, abused by his father, and even got locked up for pulling a fake id. I mean dang man, everyone had a fake id in their life, but this dude gets locked up over it. He's been through a lot, but still grinding and deserves another shot. He also was a wrestler in high school, so had to intrigue Quinn even more. Like it... Solid move.
  7. LOL. My bad. Was just reading his draft profile. He hasn't caught a pass in 4 years...
  8. Guy hasn't caught a pass since high school though. Ryan likes his backs to be able to catch the ball out the backfield. Coleman can do this well and, IMO, was underutilized in Seattle.
  9. Agreed. Coaches may elect to keep both though and drop Ward. Use D.Coleman as your primary FB and 3rd RB for short yardage. Use Soma as your goalline FB and special teams specialist (blocked a few punts at USC). Soma does have PS availability, so may not work out like that, but is an option and not far fetched at all...
  10. Makes sense... Thanks for the info gdawg.
  11. Lowkey its a steal... He got himself in some trouble last year by getting in a car accident, getting a concussion, and fleeing the scene. Not only that, but police found some synthetic weed in the car too. Just an overall bad set of events that probably started his way out the door in Seattle. We are all human and make mistakes. I'm sure he's learned one **** of a lesson from all that and is focused on being the best ball player he can. Quinn took a shot on the guy and I see why. He is a gifted athlete, who is still in his prime with experience in a zone scheme at the NFL level. Draft doesn't have a FB with his skill set at all. Good move on a 1 year prove it deal... I didn't even know he was available...
  12. Coleman is good guys... He can line up wide, catch the ball in the flat, inline block and be a short yardage back guys. He is versatile as it gets and athletic as it gets for a fullback. Watched him play a few times and came away impressed every time. Dude ran a 4.5 forty and had a 36 inch vert while being 230. Those are insane numbers for a fullback. He is deaf but doesn't hold him back. It's his job to lose IMO and is the most exciting signing out the 3 today for me. He's head and shoulders more athletic than Dimarco and will make us even more dangerous...
  13. But why should we set our bar low because he's an idiot? Falcons fans and just general fans of football should demand for better. I'm not saying I want a homer for a beatwriter, but someone just competent enough to not post crap like this...
  14. I try not to read his articles to protect my own sanity, but this one I did read and still find it stupid. It's readable (and it's still a stretch to call it that) because it's more than 80 percent comprised of quotes from Falcon's rather than him actually providing much context. I actually found this article skimming through my Bleacher Report app. The title had me like "WTF, others need to see this $hit", so I thought I might post, LOL.
  15. It's weird that I can't find the article on through my computer. Makes me think that he may have deleted it after all the comments. Fans were going in on him hard, as they should LOL...