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  1. Cautiously Optimistic
  2. Yeah we had a good recruiting class last year....but we were still an 8-5 team last year as well. Can't start thumbing your nose at anyone and you shouldn't regardless.
  3. What you talkin bout Willis? Had to say it!
  4. Like Busterson and P. Jerry. Anderson couldn't sack a great grandmother with a walker and 10 seconds to do it.
  5. Great tape! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well....who ever thinks Ryan would throw anyone under the bus obviously hasn't followed Ryan throughout his career. Theres been many times I wondered how he managed to take the heat when he well knew it wasn't deserving. I'm fairly confident there was situations that I would not have been so kind. Hats off to him for being that guy.
  7. The triple B's!
  8. Not going to lie...I really like Barnett. Any guy that breaks Reggie Whites record has to be something special. The commentators said he doesnt play when at practice...he's all business. And he pushes his team mates to be better. I like that kind of mind set.
  9. Preach Brother! I have the same mindset. Have fun at the game but the taunting after the game isn't called for. It can only lead to hard feelings and possible fights. Leave it on the field or in our case, the stadium but when the clocks ticks down to "0" at the end of the game.......clap, cheer, holler or whatever and then leave the heckling alone. But to each their own.
  10. Have to love this team dispite the ending last year. They workin their Azzes off!
  11. Can anyone say Larry Csonka? Larry wasn't fast...just a brutal human being.
  12. I was going to say the same thing. Thanks You! ^^ Bump
  13. I have to say he just jumped up my list of Falcon players that I respect. He didn't have to say these kind words...apparently he truely believes in the new culture our team has. Mad props to you Sir Chester!
  14. He pretty much says he's open to a trade every year. We shall see. If the right offer happens, they very well may.
  15. And, if it is true that matt said "just run the f'n ball" when getting his head set fixed and Shanny ignored the request and went pass....then Shanny has a huge ego. If true....he sure showed Matt who the boss was. Shanny is a very good Offensive coach.....but if he has the ego that some believe...including myself.....great might not be in his future. We'll see soon enough. Just an opinion.......doesn't mean I'm right by any accounts.