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  1. Best wide receiver duo.....and best RB duo. Before long maybe we'll have the best defensive end duo and LB duo. Maybe even best CB duo.
  2. Yeah thats not a bad idea. Players don't get hurt or shouldn't and let the best kicker win it.
  3. I agree! It would be aswesome to have football farm league just like baseball. Used to ride up to Macon and watch the guys on the Braves farm team there. When they moved up it was always nice knowing you got to watch them back then.
  4. Da**! I put a u= before in so I must be in deep doo doo!
  5. Ut oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my wife had a cat named CC for "Crack Cat" because it was crazy as H**L! I guess we are u=in deep doo doo!
  6. Yeah I really think he may take a huge leap this year. I'm certainly rooting for the guy.
  7. Thanks man! But I was embarrased, I was so lost. Everyone kept saying I'd be doing this or that, you know having fun. Not me.....not until I landed my job. Then I took the next week and went fishing. LOL
  8. I don't agree, but that's each of our rights to have different opinions. We get up, they almost catch us or did in the Chiefs game, we get up and they catch us in the Pats game. I don't see any difference at all. We relied on leads far too often to win the game. I think Quinn realizes that and that's why we are trying to build a stronger, faster defense. But that should improve with the younger players. Those (3) penalties we had right in the row helped gas our defense. Not blaming any one guy but that is just an example.
  9. Yeah I did. Took me a month to find a job....couldn't eat or sleep until then. But now I'm their biggest competitor! LOL Karma
  10. You know during regular season......we squeaked out a win after going up considerably......and we let the team roar back like a champion caliber team. I got bashed because some here we didn't come close to losing the game and etc. What had me upset was I saw a pattern that could be critical as far as winning a game. That pattern was wittneissed in the SB. That was my concern....we had a tendency to get up and let teams come closer than they should because we quit playing the same game. I know I just opoened the door to be bashed again but that's what I saw during our amazing run. And we did lose at least one that same way (Chiefs).
  11. Yeah I lost my first job at the age of 57. He gave me reasons but I knew he and I didn't mesh well....had a totally different business strategy. So even though they never replaced me in the last 2.5 years......it was bound to happen. Doesn't mean you are a bad coach or employee......it often comes down to shared vision and or philiosophy. But d*%n sure hurt at 57.
  12. Impressive kid....love to see him at UGA!
  13. Yes very short indeed!
  14. At leats Coach DQ, talks about things that give you light of what actually took place instead of just candy coating everything.
  15. I'm right there with you Ben........