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  1. Didn't see above...it was jumpy geathers
  2. Grady Jackson....wasn't he called the human fork lift?
  3. Happy Birthday Dude! Hope you had a great day!
  4. One thing the SB showed me was Grady truely has the heart of a warrior. He was tired but kept fighting.
  5. this will benefit the team much like how freeney benefitted the team last year. I think Poe, Grady and Hage are going to drive the opposing offense nuts. I'd like to see another DE and maybe a LB.....OG for the offense. I think we will be better personnel wise.
  6. I'm sorry...i didn't hear any of it....I keep starring at your avatar!
  7. Maybe not better....but I wouldn't say worse. With a good draft...we could easily be better.
  8. And Cam blew......oh well....nvm. LOL......it's a joke so dont get butt hurt.
  9. Man! Isn't nice to finally be in a position to target just great talent to help improve a team that has most of the pieces in place. Finally
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....awesome BD gift indeed!
  11. Thanks Jp!!!!!! I really appreciate the thought! It was a good day but Fridays going to be a blow out! LOL
  12. Thanks man....and I will not stop going. Appreciate the encouragement.
  13. It's my BD today.....turned 60....YUCK!
  14. I could care less about his punctuation errors........just play ball.