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  1. Meh, whatever. There is a segment of the so-called Falcons fans that still blame the Falcons for releasing him instead of blaming the real person responsible -- Vick himself. If this allows them some closure, then whatever; It will only help Blank and his wallet in the long run, and costs him nothing. I'm past his crimes and believe he probably has paid his debt to society and likely is genuinely remorseful. That being said, I'll never hold Vick with anything but disdain. Not for his crimes, but for his admittance of half-hearted effort during his time as our QB. He was the most physically talented QB to ever step on a football field, and wasted that potential with a lackluster work ethic. The rest of his transgressions are forgivable, but that one never will be: not if you consider yourself a real fan of the sport, or of competition in general. I take comfort in the knowledge we have a guy at QB now who isn't as talented, but squeezes every ounce out of his abilities because he works his tail off. And I couldn't care less if Vick retires as a Falcon -- the fact of the matter is he will never play for us again, and that's a good thing.
  2. Speak for yourself. The Sandler version was hilarious and far superior. And I grew up watching the original...
  3. Not when Dan Quinn clearly said the reason they wanted Sark is because he is an experienced play caller, the QB coach wasn't. Just how stupid do you think Quinn is? Do you actually think he DOESN'T want to keep a historically good offensive scheme? Your position makes no sense.
  4. Oh please yourself... It's a brand new coordinator who took the job with the understanding from the HEAD COACH that the offense is staying the same. Even the players have said its the same offense with just a few new wrinkles thrown in. New wrinkles would have happened even with Kyle here because those happen every year anyway. I'm sorry if you haven't been paying attention.
  5. You forgot the purple text bro
  6. Place zero blame on the defense that gave up five straight scores. Got it...
  7. OK, obviously no point in trying to make sense to you. Carry on.
  8. The same defense that blew a 25 point lead in the remaining time? So ya, unbelievable if you choose to try and ignore that in an attempt lay the full blame on the OC.
  9. Only in your deluded mind... Apparently you've been watching too much Bell and Johnson and forgetting to watch the RB on your own team.
  10. We don't need to cut anyone. We already have enough cap space to sign Freeman to an extension. More than enough. Remember that the first year is usually a cheap year due to the way most contracts are structured. And Freeman already counts $1.8 million on our cap, so that cap space will get deducted from any new contract he might sign. I've got a feeling he's going to sign about a 5 year $42 million contract with about $15 million as a signing bonus. Probably around a $2 million dollar first year salary. So $2 million salary + $3 million in signing bonus would give him a cap hit of $5 million this season. Subtract 1.8 million from that and it would leave us needing to use $3.2 million of our available $8.75 million cap space this season to sign Freeman to a contract extension. Leaving us with still about $5.5 million in cap space.
  11. We don't know that Quinn "likes" more man-to-man. In fact, the evidence suggests the opposite. We ran mostly Cover-3 in 2015, and we ran mostly Cover-3 the first half of the year until Quinn took over playcalling. The move to more Cover-1 was more about adjusting to our personnel than anything; because if Quinn preferred more man-to-man he would have been playing it since he got here because both Trufant and Alford are better man CB's anyway. The move to Cover-1 was because it became all too apparent that we don't have the FS to play Cover-3 without getting our rear ends handed to us, just like in the first half of the season. But make no mistake, we are still running the Seattle defense; I don't know how or why that should be confusing our bothersome to anyone. I'm confused why in the world that even matters to anyone though? It's not like any coach in the NFL is currently playing a scheme or a concept they came up with completely on their own. Every single thing has it's foundation from some other coach somewhere, and then possibly tweaked or added to. Seattle plays both Cover-1 and Cover-3 primarily out of a 4-3 Under shifted front or a 4-2 nickel front just like we do. The only difference is we switched from mostly Cover-3 to playing a whole lot more Cover-1 late last season. Seattle is where Quinn learned those defensive concepts. Why does it bother anyone to acknowledge that? Sounds like a bunch of rabble-rousing over nothing. That must by why the first draft Quinn was here he drafted a 6'2" Corner in the 2nd round and then followed up with another 6'2" CB in the 7th round, right? And Seattle doesn't want big slow CB's either, they want big fast CB's -- they just don't have to be extremely agile. Heck, I wish MORE people would compare us to Seattle's defense. Maybe that would mean we would be closer to a top 5 defense instead of a bottom 5 defense as we were last season...
  12. All joking aside and in all fairness to Cox, I'm pretty sure this had more to do with Bryant Young than Bryan Cox. It seemed like Young is the guy Quinn wanted in that spot all along, but obviously his son's unsuccessful battle with brain cancer put Young's coaching life on hold for a few years. I'm thinking Young being ready to come back to coaching had as much or more to do with Cox being fired than anything else.
  13. When we start running a different scheme. So basically, not until after Quinn leaves.
  14. Hence that's why the top RB's don't get the big money anymore. The top QB's make $24 million per year, paying a RB $8-10 million isn't big money...duh. Heck, even $12 million per year isn't big money, in comparison. The people who think paying Freeman around $8 million per year is too much are the people who have lost perspective regarding what "big" money actually is these days.
  15. Tell that to the RB that has the 2nd most yards from scrimmage in the NFL over the last two seasons - behind only Julio Jones. That'd be Devonta Freeman BTW.