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  1. Keep in mind starting is kind of a moot point these days. We usually start in base defense, but the base defense was only on the field for around 30% of the snaps last year - while we played nickel about 70%. Primary base DLINE: SDE Crawford | NT/3T Poe | 3T/NT Jarrett | LEO Reed/Clayborn Primary nickel DLine: LDE Beasley | LDT Shelby | RDT Jarrett/Poe/Upshaw | RDE Clayborn There will be heavy rotation along the DLINE. But we can probably expect a few things to be fairly predictable: Poe has played a lot of snaps in K.C. They will be cut here, but he probably still plays over 65%, up to maybe 70%. Jarrett will probably play over 60% - up to maybe 65%. Since we only play 30% in base D, that means both will see plenty of nickel snaps. Shelby will probably be the other primary nickel DT, along with Upshaw to a much lesser extent. Shelby could also fill in at SDE if needed. Beasley played 51% snaps as a rookie, 61% in 2nd year. He might top out around 70% this year, or could stay around 60% again. Almost all his snaps come as a nickel DE, barely any as a SAM LB. I expect us to draft an edge rusher in the first two rounds. That could effect Reed and/or Clayborn's usage at LEO or nickel DE. Hageman is a bit of a wild card. It depends on how Quinn decides to use him. Hageman could relieve Jarrett or Poe in the base D, which would allow one of them to play more snaps in nickel (likely Jarrett); or he could be one of the players in the nickel DT rotation. This is something I'm curious to find out what Quinn has planned.
  2. 1.) Absolutely will not draft: QB, FB, K, P 2.) Probably will not draft: DT, TE, RB 3.) Might draft: OT, OG, WR, big DE 4.) Probably will draft: FS, SAM LB, ILB 5.) Almost definitely will draft: Edge rusher
  3. In your opinion. It's clear as day to me. So no.
  4. Garrett and Hooker are future Hall of Famer's and worthy of both picks. But as was said already, that wouldn't be enough to trade up high enough for either one of them.
  5. Been plenty of fools on here talking like Coleman is just as good or better than Freeman. And are you really trying to explain to me what everyone else meant to say, or how everyone feels, as if I don't read these forums or I need your help? As if you could even know what everyone thinks. As if you could speak for everyone. As if everyone thought the same thing...they dont. That's why fools are fools.
  6. Since you're gonna play the "opinion" card, then that's my opinion - it's what I think. A fool is a fool. Trying to be polite about it doesn't change that fact. Frankly, I'm about tired of the amount of Freeman bashing (or at least doubting) while ignorantly claiming Coleman his equal or even more ridiculously, his superior. The stupid has to stop at some point.
  7. Anyone that thinks Coleman is as good a RB as this man is a straight up fool.
  8. I think the op is looking at it from the wrong perspective. You have to look at the positions played, not just listed position - as Smiler's post indicated. We typically carry 7 DL's whose weight is 275 and over; these are the guys that are either pure DT's or big DE's that have enough size to play nickel DT as a pass rusher. Keep in mind that these are not the pure edge rusher body types that we typically want on the field at DE in obvious passing situations. Also keep in mind that means Beasley, Reed, and Freeney do not fit into the description of the "big" DL group of players weighing around 275 or more. Those 3 players are pure edge rushers only, who can't and don't shrink down to a DT role ever. As I said above, we typically carry 7 of those big body DL's on the roster. It can fluctuate from as low as 6 (usually due to injuries) to as high as 8 (also usually to make up for injured players) - but we almost always run with 7 big DL's as long as everyone is relatively healthy. Among the players we have on the roster that are probable to make the final roster after training camp, we currently have 7 of those big DL's. So nobody should be in danger of getting cut as things stand right now. In addition to the 7 big DL's we usually go with 4 to 5 Edge rushers / SAM Linebacker types of players, and also 4 to 5 off-ball linebackers (the MLB and WLB in this scheme) -- usually for a total of 9 players combined from both groups. And then we go with usually 9 DB's, but sometimes 10 like a large portion of last season. So let's look at what we've current got from each of those groups: Big DL's (6-8, ideally 7): Poe Jarrett Shelby Hageman Clayborn Upshaw J. Crawford We've already got our 7 that we could start the season with. The list doesn't even include guys like Joe Vellano, Jimmy Staten, and Martin Ifedi because those players are unlikely to make the final 53 man roster. This is why I tend to go against the grain from the rest of the board and I think we probably don't draft a DT now, not after signing Poe. If a great prospect falls into our laps, then sure. But I don't think we will be making it a point of emphasis to make sure we draft a DT. We would probably have to cut one of our current 7 if we end up drafting a DT, or even a big DE like Kpassagnon. Edge rusher / SAM (4-5): Beasley Reed Annnnd, that's it... We desperately need MORE edge DE's and SAM linebackers, not less. Because right now we only have TWO out of what should be 4 or 5 roster spots filled. It's true that Freeney could come back and take one of those spots, but we still need at least 1 more significant contributor added to this group even if Freeney comes back. It also helps that Clayborn prefers to play at DE as much as possible. So right now we pretty much have a 3 man nickel DE rotation of Beasley, Reed, and Clayborn. We will definitely be drafting an edge rusher high in this draft -- count on it. And we don't currently have a single player on the roster who would play SAM in our base defense (and no, don't say Beasley because he is a SAM in name only. He was still used in 2016 just like he was in 2015, almost exclusively as a nickel edge rushing DE.) This is why it wouldn't shock me to see Wheeler re-signed at some point: if nothing else as a training camp insurance policy in case we can't uncover another SAM between now and week one. W Off-ball LBers MLB/WLB (4-5): D. Jones D. Campbell L. Reynolds Again, we're lacking players for this group. We need at least one more here, probably coming from the draft.
  9. He is a bust, big time
  10. I would think the chances of him coming back after this season are very good. During the media call with Poe, he was asked about if this was a better fit for him schematically than what he had in K.C. and if he thought his best football was ahead of him because of the better scheme fit (as far as getting a chance to pass rush more). Poe's response was something along the lines of he definitely thought these next upcoming years (emphasis on year'S') in this defense were going to be his best. It sounded like he was intending on being here beyond just this one season. Obviously contract negotiations have to come together in the future to make that happen. But for his part, he seemed to want to be here beyond this season.
  11. Never wanted McKinley in the first place. Under 6'3" edge rushers are a big no-no.
  12. I'm about that confident we take a FS in the 2nd round, after an edge rusher in the 1st. Malik Hooker.
  13. Yes, except you literally said the main difference was that Perine had a 3rd/4th gear and Andrews didn't. Which is the one and only thing I'm trying to correct here, because that statement is wrong. You keep dancing around what you said instead of just admitting you were incorrect about his speed.
  14. Watch tape? Really dude? The tape says he's slow too; just like his measured speed.
  15. You guys must not be aware that Perine is being discussed as possibly having to move to FB because he lacks enough speed. I'm not saying whether I agree with that assessment or not, but it's silly to act like he has good speed when it's clear he doesn't. He ran a 4.65 forty at the combine. For comparison, Mike Turner ran a 4.50 with a similar body type and weight. Freeman ran a 4.58 and we all talk about how Coleman is the RB that can take the ball to the house but Freeman doesn't have the same good deep speed. Again, I'm not suggesting Perine can't or wont be a good NFL RB; what I'm saying is let's not wrongly pretend that he's fast -- he isn't.