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  1. Didn't Debo put the burners on Brandon Cooks last year?
  2. He never said "I messed up". He's playing cat litter. Trying to cover up his s***.
  3. Well, it's enough of that to go around.
  4. Not just that. They are not just having a different opinion. They are downplaying what the kid has done.
  5. That's a 4.62 40. He ran a 13. Something in the 110 high hurdles.
  6. Smacked somebody in the Seattle Game (Playoffs) as well. My only flaw is that he didnt dismantle Tom Brady in the Super Bowl on that 15 yard run. We would have helped or hurt Jimmy G's chances at that point.
  7. This would have been cool without all of the Brady boasting. Matt Ryan can play well under pressure. Brady can't. Matt can go to any team, and be successful. Brady can't. Not being a homer, I'm just sick of these Brady is God type of comments.
  8. No worries, there won't be any cones on the football field.
  9. What was wrong with what he said? Most of these responses says what type of country the U.S. is. You want to convict everyone else, and say that they should burn in **** for their mistakes. Yet, you want to be forgiven for things that you've deliberately done to people. OK, all of these guys can come in and say, stop bringing up the past. Everything is still the same.
  10. Maybe the Saints Game will be the color rush game.
  11. You know you can't say that around here. Tom Brady is Apple Pie to these guys.
  12. A few factors. 1. Popularity of Zek and Dak. They were hot, and the Cowboys have a large Bandwagon Fan base. 2. Our current jersey isn't the most attractive in the NFL. If we went to a classic look, we would out sell everyone.
  13. Tru and Rocky are under contract. The others will have to earn. All of them have great ball skills too. Hence at what we are going for?
  14. Yeah, but to say that they didn't deserve a chance in OT, etc. Nothing is automatic.