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  1. Considering we were just in the Super Bowl, signed Poe in the off season, and Lamp being an upgrade. I don't think it's bad at all.
  2. The color rush were supposed to be worn this past season. So, it's design probably has little to do with this up coming season.
  3. Smitty didn't focus or forget about the playoffs. Thomas Dimitroff's Screw ups finally showed up. Smitty was the scape goat.
  4. It's time for them to start building for the future. They won the Super Bowl, but are a couple of injuries away from missing the playoffs.
  5. If they franchise him, he will get money from the top. People think that players should automatically love this, but Drew Brees would tell you otherwise.
  6. Dennis? Hawks?
  7. yeah, he's just greedy with that big contract.
  8. Actually my friend, one year deals benefits the teams.
  9. Since when?
  10. Only one back I can remember doing that, and that's Warrick Dunn. Smith may have, but most of his was The Great Wall of Dallas. Most backs take hits.
  11. @MSalmon you're right, Free is not AP. Free is more durable. I've always been a fan of AP, but others guys are good too. Contracts do not say that they are nonnegotiable. So, he signed a deals as a 3rd rounder, and plays his *** off, 3 years later. He deserves to ask for more money, and get paid. Point Blank Period!!!
  12. This thread is classic American. I'm not talking about Luke or Freeman either. People love to think that players should be comfortable with playing with little or nothing. Luke got a right to speak up. For his work put in, Freeman's Contract is "Doo Doo Brown". Some of y'all sound like Uncle Ben Carson, saying that slaves were immigrants who worked for less; so their family's could have a decent life.
  13. That mistake was a reaction.
  14. Also, if you have the Moe's App, when Atlanta United scores. You get $1 off burritos. Considering they are already $5 on Mondays anyway.