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  1. This^^^ Forget what there perfect people are saying, I will take any of these guys in a heartbeat. I also wouldn't mind if Big Guy down in Miami put the gas mask bask on, and they gave him to us for free.
  2. That's a very fair price.
  3. So, it's safe to say that Willis' Stock has soared through the roof. Make it happen.
  4. The thing is, Dallas Tickets were gonna be expensive regardless.
  5. So, If I am looking at my calendar right. We don't have a TNF Game on this particular rumored Schedule. We are also supposed to be scheduled to wear our Color Rush Uniforms, which are typically made for TNF. So, I am starting to discredit this source. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  6. What's the purpose of putting FOX besides the Dallas Game?
  7. So is Freeney. Tony Gonzalez was 33 when we signed him.
  8. Funny how people on here are always shooting down threads. AP for 5 or less is something that you have to jump on.
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb, and consider this sarcasm. They couldn't stop us. Sure, there were a couple of negative plays running, but we were bullying their defense with the run. Here's where the game changed. Our defensive scheme. I'm not your average American, so I'm not impressed with Brady, Eldelman, or any of those guys. We were up 28-20. Yes, screw bringing up 28-3, because none of that matters. New England has the ball inside their own 10. 1st and 2nd down, we play press coverage, and Brady was terrified. 3rd down comes, and we play a soft zone. So, now we have the debate of OC vs DC. Both are now gone, but everyone always seem to remember us not running the ball. Then again, I saw it coming from a mile away.
  10. The QB play at UGA was so terrible over the last 3-4 years, I guess it wouldn't have mattered if he played in college or not.
  11. Not kidding. When I think of Brotherhood. I think of all the brothers, good and bad. Kinda like Dale Murphy and Len Dykstra. Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean.
  12. What's wrong with a LB having behavioral issues? The only sane player required is the QB.
  13. That's what I'm saying. He's trying to dismantle anyone in his path. That's what I want to see happen to Brady, Brees, or anyone else.
  14. He may have been around the end of his career, but I'm sure that Brooks was around 210-220 for most of his career.