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  1. Can Tim Williams play a role?
  2. Boom, right on.
  3. Warning while I rant for a second: You have some brain dead friends man. Nothing but straight hate. Anyone with a reasonable awareness of football knows MR was never the problem. He actually hid many problems for years. We all understand what happened during that down year man. Trust me, the ones who started all of this BS on here during that down year are known to everyone now. they hated Matt before 2015 too. 2015 revealed some real interesting things about how some really felt about our QB. For real.. Some folks have no loyalty whatsoever. Those are the type of people I don't associate with. Those are never real friends, but only fakes. Those threads are all archived now. At any time we can access them & see who the trolls/haters/liars were. It might be a fun exercise to go back and look for the two-faced be-itches and call em out. End rant....
  4. Might want to calculate in some factor for small school vs big collegiate programs.
  5. AP

    And yet another one of these kinds of threads... where there is absolutely zero chance of even dialing AP's #....
  6. AP

    Dude...Seriously????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You're fkg kidding right???????
  7. Yeah Larry, he's been really solid and the times he's struggled were mainly when he had injuries he was playing through. He's tough, young and one of the better LT in the league.
  8. And they both sucked LOL Crazy!
  9. Happy Birthday gents!!
  10. Thanks Ryne. Yeah i am guilty of getting aggravated at some of the topics but hey, this one isn't one of those. I guess I feel that he's not an average LT. I really thing he's above average. I never get too worked up over the money aspect. Even with Free or Jake or Tru. TD and others always do a fantastic job in that regard.
  11. Agreed. But I would never take him at 31... we have no need for him. I cannot wait for the draft!!
  12. That's whats so good about these fake mock engines... We can all be studly GM heros for 15 minutes!!