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  1. I can see your angle and agree that he could have done some things better. He had the balls to admit those shortfalls I guess. But at the end of the day when you watched him on the field of play...he was ready to rumble.
  2. I don't mind at all if Michael Vick retires a Falcon. He was drafted here and became quite a player for this organization and the nfl. He made some bad decisions for which I have forgiven him and he paid those debts already. I'll remember him for the good things he brought to the table... an amazing athlete and a fierce competitor!
  3. Here was Beji's reaction when the coach called him out a few weeks ago:
  4. Maybe we don't need to relive pain if we choose not to. I like our recent drafts... Hindsight is always 20/20 anyways...I choose to forgive and forget then concentrate on the task at hand. No offense to OP meant at all. JMO is all.
  5. Very well stated and frankly it is something that rarely gets mentioned here!
  6. LOL, and every molecule of custard.
  7. They must hate you!
  8. I hope mister Neal knocks every molecule of oxygen out of that blimp in our first meeting.
  9. JPow, you have to admit, at the size of a large LBer, if he wasn't bullying them it'd be a huge concern!
  10. Actually I didn't realize it was a joke... Oops LOL
  11. Article makes sense. Dude was a turnover machine with a nose for making plays. I agree 100% that he was brought in to strengthen possibly the FS & Slot positions while making it uber competitive out there. It's a win/win for the team. Has nothing negative to do with Allen. Simple stuff here. I loved the pick TBH!
  12. Man I hope he keeps it up tbh, it's nothing short of the best comedy show in the NFL... A grown man too...Amazing how he can't see that he looks like a woman.
  13. through and through. To imagine sticking up for a guy that supposedly ran slow on purpose,then comes to camp looking like Re-run, I don't even know what to say about Sam Mills... Why can't he just say there is no room on the Panthers for that kind of non-commitment/dedication.? Weird.