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  2. Hey the SB 4th quarter will give you a huge hint.
  3. Yes because on that drive he had a chance to correct the wrongs of the defense by taking the best possible shot at winning the game. It was obvious NE had our defenses number...he was to counter that with our offense. He didn't.
  4. Looks like they let some SB loss aggression out on weight lifting. Cool.
  5. Four months? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  6. "Embrace the suck?"
  7. Especially when the last two OC's of your opposing Super Bowl opponent go total brain fart in the 4th quarter with their play calling.
  8. LOL! That would totally work!
  9. It should be first to score in OT wins. TD, field goal or two point conversion. Sometimes life just ain't fair.
  10. So what? Does it effect the out come of games? It took me all of 1 seconds to no longer give a crap.
  11. When your OC and HC have a huge 4th quarter play calling brain fart, they handed them the silver platter and said whip our azzes with it.