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  1. GREAT MOVE SAINTS! Get him signed quickly.
  2. And we saw a gassed defense all season in the 4th reason we teams were able to put up a lot of points in the 4th. Belichick noticed that and used it to his advantage.
  3. Man those first 3 quarters were AWESOME!!! The defense was balling, the offense started moving at will. The last thing I posted that night was at the beginning of the 4th qtr. it was "can we hold them for 15 more minutes?" There was no doubt we couldn't...then dayum!!!
  4. I watched the first 3 quarters the other day and it was great!!!
  5. There's no way Atlanta lets a player with this type of character walk to another team. Just pay the man what he's worth.
  6. Allow me to point my finger at Shanahan.
  7. Hate to beat a dead horse but if we run the ball on that critical drive in the 4th qrt. we are not having this discussion.
  8. You guys who like to grab this guy or that that is released or is a free agent is killing me.
  9. Just keep building through the draft. This team has a solid foundation no need to open the bank and set themselves up for cap problems.
  10. I remember posting on FB..."can we hold them for 15 more minutes." In my wildest dream I could not imagined what I witnessed in that final 15 minutes. But yes it still hurts a bit because they were just three runs away and a field goal to being SB champs.