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  1. Jadon Haselwood commits!
  2. Sorry misread your response. I was referring too TD being in the Pro Football hall of fame
  3. Lol, he is.
  4. Congratulations to Terrell Davis for being selected to the NFL Hall of Fame! DGD
  5. Is Aubry taking another visit to Ann Arbor? Only 45 min from me, I'll find him!
  6. I love Duke basketball but c'mon Grayson wtf?
  7. Devonta Smith is not a Savage. And that's what he gets for that. Love LeCounte, DGD!
  8. Just saw on the Twitters that Kirby Choates is transferring. Best of luck to him! Hopefully we're making room
  9. I think his future is on offense and returning kicks/punts as well. Hoping our staff and Savages can persuade him there
  10. Want Jamyest too
  11. I believe he is an EE
  12. Monty Rice just flipped to UGA!
  13. I don't disagree with you one bit. We were not that good this year but there are positive things to build on...but no I don't see this as a we won life this season