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  1. I'm fatigued for sure...I'll make a wild bet it'll be someone no one wanted or expected
  2. You could put a good blocking tight end back there.
  3. I just watched my first highlight video this week... Getting pumped for next season...I came here to try and pick everyone up but this place was a complete mess.
  4. Yes he stepped on him... Blatantly I think he also got a fine
  5. Why in the fall? Cant we just resign him now and be done with it?
  6. No thanks once he pulled that move with Ryan a couple of years back he hit "the list"
  7. 6 pages on this? A massive circle jerk about player who NO FALCONS FAN should ever consider. I dont care if he came here for $2 dollars and a stick of bubble gum...there are just some players you never make a Falcon. See Kenny Vaccaro, Ndumbikong Suh, Josh Norman are a few that come to mind
  8. @RoddyWhite84 you with us?
  9. Add @fan72 he's riding who else??? Come on it's not the end of the world pull the Jersey out the trash cause trust me when you see next years team... Your going to be like our was worth it
  10. @falconsrus post some pics in this thread I'm going to keep it alive until I rescue as many as I can. I'll post pics too I'm rocking all the way out
  11. @SamMills51 replied some junk a Panthers fan can I please get some more real falcon fans to cosign!?!
  12. @Slappywhite no I'm saluting you your on the list were banding together. Salute to you!!!
  13. Add @WisFalcon to the list that's 4 and he repped in GB salute my brother who else?? Come on
  14. Three fans three **** fans I can't believe this.... Where is your loyalty people??!
  15. I swear when we are demolishing teams next year I'm going to ask where were you the day after... I don't see you in this thread you a period panty fan straight up