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  1. A group of fans need to bring a big a** picture of Takk's grandma to every home game and hold it up every time he comes on the field. Unleash the fury.
  2. The drafting has definitely gotten better. Quins blueprint is all over this defense.
  3. The familiarity can only help him.
  4. He closes on the QB so fast. I see some Takk and Beasley QB sandwich's in the future.
  5. Exactly he doesn't need to be a rocket surgeon to play this defense. I like his motor and his passion.
  6. Apparently he's dumb as a bag of hammers. He doesn't need to be smart to hit QB's. He got a 3 on the wonderlic.
  7. I'm not hating on Teco. I love him as a back and a receiver just not as a blocker.
  8. I still wouldn't feel comfortable with him as the primary blocker for Matt in the backfield. Free has taken on big to small and has shown he will shut them all down.
  9. Coleman cannot block. Not anywhere close to as good as freeman.
  10. Who replaces him? Who blocks on third down and is a passing threat at the same time? Teco cant do it. Its not just his carries its the whole package. He has the entire package.
  11. Voted. And... i'm depressed again stupid *** false start.
  12. Only 50? Never mind i'm dumb.
  13. I really like our DT rotation now.
  14. I don't see stiff as a board at all. This is the first video I've ever seen of him so id have to see more but stiff as a board definitely didn't pop into my head. Explosive did though.