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  1. Only 50? Never mind i'm dumb.
  2. I really like our DT rotation now.
  3. I don't see stiff as a board at all. This is the first video I've ever seen of him so id have to see more but stiff as a board definitely didn't pop into my head. Explosive did though.
  4. I watched this video because of your comment on another thread a while back, and now I totally get it. I still don't like wrestling, but the actual wrestling is just a means to an end in the actual story telling. Edit: Maybe it was this comment, I didn't look at the date.
  5. You're dam* right!
  6. If I ever hear rise up again I will vomit.
  7. We were winning 28-3. If we just run the ball 3 times outside our own 20 and kick a field goal we win. It was the worst loss given the implications.
  8. You're right this loss was this teams MO down to a ****ing T. Get your hopes up only to crush your ****ing heart in the end. It will always be this way. Its so ****ing hard to be a fan of this team. I will still be here though waiting for my heart to get crushed every year.
  9. We'll be in a shiny new stadium and have a down year. Players don't come back from a loss like this.
  10. Get some ****ing class you ****ing degenerate.
  11. The tibia is the major weight bearing bone in the lower leg. He won't have a problem playing but its going to be very painful.
  12. nm

    Are you trying to pimp Herbalife on us? I don't think this is the kind of herb the people on this board put in their body.