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  1. I'll never trust a Doberman. Even the ones who haven't growled at me felt as though they had some type of ulterior motive... like they were trying to get close enough to do more damage.
  2. While it doesn't really matter how high an OL can jump, vertical jump is a good demonstration of explosion in the lower body. The wonderlic is the same type of thing. It matters more for some positions than others. It's also not the end all be all. Peyton Manning may not have scored as well as Ryan Fitzpatrick but he's been totally immersed in the game and at the position since before he was born. They're all tiny little bits of info in the big picture.
  3. You should see what this guy can do on the bench...
  4. That's why I submitted the fee list for the Scott County Health Dept which includes free HIV/hepatitis testing. I was told that even though that was offered it may not be convenient or close enough for those who need it.
  5. I found it odd that this was framed as an attack on women's rights to affordable healthcare when the majority of the HIV cases in this outbreak were from sharing needles in a well known opioid epidemic.
  6. When I was kid, my parents had lots of dobermans... I thought we were safe, one of them even slept next to my bed. Until one day a cat came into our fence and the dobermans chased it down and destroyed it utterly... Just because it was a litte different. That's when I knew that they were all hateful. I haven't trusted my parents since.
  7. It may or may not be accurate but I've seen/heard more than one former player say that Garrett isn't the stud he looks like. Admittedly, I don't want much college ball and I really only pay attention to prospects the Falcons have a shot at but does that cause you any trepidation?
  8. I wouldn't want Oher on the blindside. Not now. Seems like y'all need pass catchers and DBs but you definitely know better than I.
  9. That would be so stupid but it would be great for the NFCS for them to continue to mismanage their assets. Especially considering they're trying to finish a deal with AP.
  10. Are you going to like it if the panthers give up a bounty for either Fournette or Garrett? I mean, say it costs you the first three rounds this year and 2 of the first three in '18?
  11. A couple of articles on the outbreak http://www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/04/08/year-after-hiv-outbreak-austin-still-community-recovery/82133598/ http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/indiana/2016/07/27/ind-could-have-avoided-hiv-outbreak-study-says/87621720/
  12. So this pic came across my FB timeline today: I wanted to get some opinions from the MB on this. In addition, here are two links that state (particularly Scott County) HIV testing is provided for free by the county health dept and affordable public transit is also available. http://scottcountyinhealthdept.com/fees.html http://www.brsinc.org/index.php/blue-river-services-programs/blue-river-services-transportation-services
  13. He's probably got some hurt feelins over them not being willing to pay him "after all he's done for the Vikings" too.
  14. I don't know when the saints will finally run Loomis out of town, but I'm hoping it's not for a long time. Buddy does his best to set that team back every single offseason
  15. They didn't want him? that would be my guess.