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  1. Good. They'll live to regret it when the falcons arrive violently.
  2. Put Johnathan Allen next to Buckner and start the construction of a NFL defense.
  3. Im not sure how many of you listen to the Dan LeBatard show but they play this "game" with their guests from time to time and I find it absolutely hilarious. It is NOT to be confused with the Look a Like thread. This involves no pictures but only words (you can post pics but that's not the purpose). Here are a few so you get the idea: Sam Bradford's game face looks like the married man who while eating dinner with his wife and kids, gets a text from his girlfriend saying she's pregnant. Andrew Luck looks like a human to werewolf transformation that got stuck buffering around 50%. Dan Quinn looks like an undercover veteran cop who joins a biker gang but must constantly remind himself to "not get in too deep" I'm anxious to see what the creative minds on this board can come up with!
  4. Love Cunningham. Playmaker is written all over that dude. I really like Feeney but he might need one of those helmets like Wes Welker had where he looked like a bobble head. Pocic is 2 thumbs up I don't see Mixon being selected by this organization. Dimick is fine Mckenzie will give the GA homers a reason to cheer i wouldn't be upset with this
  5. Y'all won't remember him in 2018.
  6. Sounds like Chris Chester just got retired
  7. Lol. Im sure this has nothing to do with organizational continuity. Players aren't traded in a vacuum... scheme fit, value, teammates, contract etc. are all considered. This may or may not be true but the opposite could be said too. TD wouldn't trade Ryan for either of those either
  8. Happy b day broski!
  9. Chester is deciding whether or not to retire... And it's likely because he's more than likely not going to start or be paid like a starter. JMO.
  10. There's not a player in the league I would trade him for, not straight up.
  11. Anybody mentioned yet that they don't even have Vincent Jackson anymore? cameron brate ended the season on IR if I'm not mistaken with a bad back. And there's speculation that Doug Martin might not be back.
  12. It doesn't look like they've drafted all that well recently. Their best pick of the last 5 years was 5 years ago in Cam Jordan. Michael Thomas is a good player but we'll see how he measures up as a more featured player with Cooks gone.
  13. I guess it depends on what you think of Josh Perkins. I liked most of what I saw out of him last year and I think the Falcons did too. If you're not sold on him, there are still guys out there that could potentially be upgrades like Gavin Escobar or Larry Donnell that would be a fraction of the price of a Bennett.
  14. Bingo. Or hold that pick for ransom in case the saints have an eye on a QB with the Browns picking right after them. That would be a dream scenario for the falcons
  15. Bennett is 4 years older (will be 30 this year) and probably only has 2-3 more really productive seasons left. We didn't need him because we already have a pass catcher in Hooper... Plus if they run out the 3 TE sets this year, Lolo is much more valuable as the guy lined up tight