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  1. Might as well get use to the comparisons. They'll always be there. It's more annoying to me to read people on this board trying to assign a "Bennett role" or "Avril role" every time something shuffles on the d line. We don't have a Bennett or an Avril like they don't have a Beasley or a Poe or a Jarrett. And that's ok. Let Quinn be Quinn and take care of bidness
  2. He also played OLB in 3-4, specifically on The right side. 51.5 career sacks is substantial for a linebacker. Nonetheless I didn't like him as a d line coach and I'm glad we moved on.
  3. The fact that he references the Super Bowl as evidence of why he should have been retained disregards the entire rest of the season when his unit underperformed, as a whole. Maybe he has an argument as far as there not being enough talent or injuries to Shelby and Clayborn as reasons why.
  4. I'd say if Cox listens closely he'll find that he was given the EXACT reason "We're moving in a different direction" Hes a tool and always has been. I didn't like the hire from the jump and was even more surprised that DQ retained him when he was brought on.
  5. He was supposed to help with pass rush... that was what he did as a player.
  6. LE-Beasley (obviously) RE-Young Takk DT-Jarrett (with the pass rush he showed in the playoffs, ain't no way he ain't having his ears pinned back on 3rd and long)... Poe will rotate here too DT-Heavy rotation here Poe, Crawford, Clayborn, Shelby Jarrett or Poe will be on the field just about every third and long, unless they are gassed Edit: Add Hag daddy in there too. Our interior D Line should be fresh always.
  7. I would say it's absolutely true. A competitor like Brady (and many other guys) doesn't want to come off the field and will hide that from the team. It may have been "less severe" of a concussion, but a concussion nonetheless.
  8. I wonder if these rankings change if Gisele's oopsy daisy about Toms concussions are factored in? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19402426/tom-brady-new-england-patriots-dealt-concussions-according-wife-gisele-bundchen
  9. Maybe, maybe not. They are definitely formidable especially considering as a group, there is as much or more talent than just about any other team in the league. It's going to be exciting to see these guys line up together. 98, 92, 97, 44
  10. I haven't spent that much time on my hair and beard combined in the last year. Pathetic
  11. That's pitiful but you're right.
  12. I picked Seattle mainly because it's in Seattle. Dallas and their super obnoxo fans are are right there though.
  13. Seattle gets to beat the crap out of the Rams and 49ers four times a year, so if they split with Arizona, that's 5 pretty easy wins for them. I hope we repeat the Divisional Round beat down on the 12th man though.
  14. The giants will win the East, injuries not withstanding. Mark it down. This BS about us going 9-7 is laughable. I'm not sure what the mighty Carolina Panthers did to improve so much this offseason, but the real threat to the Falcons is in Tampa.
  15. I don't think playing with a lead will necessarily hurt the defense unless they get real conservative but I couldn't care less what the yardage ranking is as long as the PPG are right.