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  1. Yep, great work by Garcia. A reminder that he had a 3.9 bWAR season just a couple years ago.
  2. We're making a pitching change and I don't know why.
  3. Swanson creates a run with his baserunning, coming around to score from first on a groundball to left field and a bad throw to the plate. Great play.
  4. Eh, I like the 4:00 Sunday starts.
  5. You seem to be under the delusion that it will make a difference.
  6. Baseball America just released a new mock, with the Braves taking MacKenzie Gore at #5. They also mention Shane Baz as a possibility. My personal Top 5: 1. Kyle Wright 2. Hunter Greene 3. Royce Lewis 4. MacKenzie Gore 4. J.B. Bukauskas
  7. There's no reason not to. They may move him to the bullpen, but there's 12 million reasons to allow him to try to figure it out.
  8. I check in with the top 30 prospects a third of the way through the season. Here's Part 1.
  9. Sims got hit pretty hard his last couple of starts.
  10. Turns out a lot of security guards are authoritarian d-bags. That said, stadium operations need to do something to cut down on the fan interference.
  11. That's the longest Braves bullpen scoreless streak since 1964.
  12. Braves bullpen since the Jose Bautista bat flip: 21 IP 0 R 4 H 6 BB 13 K 1 inherited run allowed
  13. Awesome HR last night from Adams, but there's already been at least three plays at 1B that I've thought "Freeman gets that".